goLance Announces “Hire Now” feature to easily onboard and pay freelancers with no credit card processing fees or other typical fees


DOVER, Del., September 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – goLance, an independent online marketplace that enables companies to recruit, select, manage, optimize and reward qualified and international freelance online talent efficiently, securely and at no cost to corporate clients, has simplified the onboarding process and move any entrepreneur to its popular platform, with the release of its new “Hire Now” feature. Businesses can use credit cards to pay for talent on the goLance platform without having to pay processing fees for transactions, which can typically be 2% to 3% on other platforms, and they can keep credit card reward points.

The “Hire Now” feature is one of the many innovative features offered by goLance and is available for hourly or fixed price contracts. Clients receive 2% cash back on payments made to workers, and goLance freelancers pay some of the lowest commissions in the industry. “When you do the math, it makes sense to leverage the benefits we provide clients and freelancers with our platform and business model,” says Michael brooks, CEO of goLance. “For example, a business owner with an annual budget of $ 100,000 for the self-employed can potentially save $ 3,000 on credit card processing fees, another $ 2,000 in cash, and a supplement $ 5,000 or more in the fees that some independent platforms charge. “

goLance specializes in hiring global remote workers of all skills and makes the independent management process efficient, easy and affordable. “We recognized the need in the market to improve the connection between clients and freelancers, and this feature is one of many that we have worked on to provide excellent service,” said Charles Edwards, goLance product manager. “We are focused on building positive, long-term relationships with freelancers and their clients, and will continue to innovate to meet their needs.”

About goLance
The independent online marketplace goLance has more than 600,000 users. In 2021, RemoteTech Breakthrough, one of the leading independent market intelligence organizations, selected goLance as the recipient of the prestigious “Virtual Remote Coworking Platform of the Year” award. goLance has also received awards from other organizations for its innovation, powerful platform, and business model.

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