George Clooney studied broadcast journalism in college, but dropped out because he hated constant comparisons with his father



For decades, George Clooney has amassed a long list of acting credits, and it would be hard for fans to imagine other people playing some of his roles. Before switching to television, however, he went to college for a completely different field of study. That’s because George Clooney initially wanted a career in broadcast journalism – but gave up because of the constant comparisons to his father.

George Clooney studied audiovisual journalism in college before dropping out

George Clooney | Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Turner

After attending high school in Augusta, Ky., George Clooney enrolled at the University of Northern Kentucky, where he majored in broadcast journalism during his time at the university, according to

The inspiration for her major in college probably came from her father, Nick Clooney, a well-known journalist and presenter. During dinners, Clooney’s family discussed the news. As a child, he followed his father to the newsroom and got involved in social activism. His dad admired news anchors like Edward R. Murrow, so Clooney was probably inspired to hear about these men.

In 1981, Clooney dropped out of school and had to figure out what he would do next. One of the reasons was that he doubted he would become a decent TV reporter. He also didn’t like being compared to his father, as many people recognized his name and the comparisons became tiresome. Still, Clooney would stay in the Cincinnati area for a while.

George Clooney once tried the Cincinnati Reds

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Many celebrities have different ambitions before making themselves known for their acting skills. Before Clooney became a household name as an actor, he first tried to be a sports athlete. In high school, he played college baseball and wanted to join a professional team.

Ever since Clooney grew up near Cincinnati, he loved the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. At the age of 16, he managed to get the opportunity to try out the Cincinnati Reds. Even though he and his friends thought he had a chance, he didn’t sign a contract with the team.

In an interview, Clooney admitted that he lacked the skills to be a professional player. It would appear that his fate does not involve baseball. College was Clooney’s next choice. Of course, it wouldn’t turn out the way he had hoped.

For a while, Clooney held a few jobs to get by – working as a shoe salesman and even picking tobacco on a farm – until he decided on another career path.

This is how George Clooney became an actor

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Clooney caught the acting bug when his cousin and uncle came to Kentucky to make a movie. They invited him to the set as an extra. The experience led him to take an interest in the acting profession. In fact, Clooney’s cousin suggested he move to California to become an actor.

While Clooney wanted movie roles, he slowly landed small roles on TV shows. His first major role was Ace in a sitcom titled E / R. He went on to tag another recurring character in the series. The facts of life from 1985 to 1987. While the novice actor searched for auditions, he pretended to be his own agent.

Clooney would brag about the casting directors, and he succeeded. Eventually he would find his big break in the hospital drama emergency. For 15 seasons, Clooney played Dr. Doug Ross and became an international celebrity.

Later, Clooney would go to the movies. Some of the films he’s known for include: Spy Kids, Ocean’s Eleven, Gravity, The Monuments Men, Leatherheads, Out of sight, Michael Clayton, The Descendants, and O brother, where are you?

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