Gallery at Marina Square Presents Four Photographers and an Acrylic Painter in Latest Exhibitions | Arts | San Luis Obispo



Gallery at Marina Square in Morro Bay presents Between the Tides, a group exhibition featuring landscapes and seascapes photographed from coastal areas across the central coast, until Friday, October 29. This exhibition features works by four different photographers: Kerry Drager, Teresa Ferguson, Greg Siragusa and Dominic Hartman.

Entre les marées is on display in the venue’s upper gallery, while its lower gallery currently houses a display case of acrylic fine art paintings by self-taught artist Atul Pande, whose non-objective works generally fall under the Modern Expressionist category.

“I work intuitively, exploring line, shape and color, but without a goal in mind,” Pande said in a press release from Gallery at Marina Square. “My education in colorful India and my training as a doctor and scientist inspire me to merge colors and shapes on canvas to create organic shapes that spontaneously engage viewers.”

Although Pande’s abstract combinations of lines and shapes can be seen as particular objects, “it is rarely by design,” said the artist, who added that this result is “an indication that the viewer is is engaged on several levels beyond the immediate visual interest of the piece. ”

Pande’s paintings will remain on display until Friday, October 29. For more information on the gallery’s current exhibitions in Marina Square and upcoming programming, call the gallery directly at (805) 772-1068 or visit Gallery at Marina Square is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located at 601 Embarcadero, suite 10, Morro Bay. ??



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