Freelancers in Modhupur enjoy high-speed internet access


Yasir Azman said: “Grameenphone would initially provide the ability to speak. Now our focus is social empowerment of people. Grameenphone has over 80 million subscribers. I am proud and overwhelmed to see how social empowerment was significant with the training at Nokrek IT Institut in the forest area of ​​Modhupur.”

Bappu Mri, Himalaya Henry Nokrek, Paritosh and several other young freelancers told the CEO of Grameenphone that the network in the area was so weak that they could not connect indoors, not even under trees. They should go out into the open to send files to their foreign customers. They requested that the range of the mobile tower be further extended and that a new tower be installed to alleviate their difficulties.

The CEO of Grameenphone told them that they would work on the whole area. So far, 23 villages have been inspected. There were plans to set up a tower in the area. For the moment, a temporary Grameenphone tower has been installed in the village of Gayra. He said they would need permission from the forest department and other relevant government authorities to set up a tower in the forest. If the administration expands its cooperation, Grameenphone would establish a BTS tower here so that young freelancers can use high-speed internet for their outsourcing work.


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