Freelancers Anonymously Share ‘Clients From Hell’ Stories, and Here Are 50 of the Worst (New Photos)


No, the customer is not always right! As much as we like to believe in the best of humanity and the panda, the fact is that there are some very rotten apples here and there. They like to come and ruin people’s day while feeding on their pain. They are spreaders of misery. And they need to know that what they’re doing is so far from “correct” that you can’t even see the line they’ve crossed because it merges with the horizon.

the “Customers from Hell” project (now rebranded as “Not Always Right”) shares stories about the most memorable and hilarious tales of dealing with rude, authoritative, or just downright stupid customers. Today we present to you the experiences of fre-launchers and designers. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite posts when you scroll down, Pandas.

bored panda reached out to businesswoman Aatikah Santos, CEO and Founder of Khaila Beauty Bar, to discuss dealing with difficult and frustrating customers, as well as how some people still fully believe that the customer and customer are always right, whatever happens.

“I like to stay calm and take a few minutes before I respond because I’m representing my business. I like to try to make everyone feel welcome no matter what they say. When talking to people rude customers, I do my best to solve the problem, but sometimes customers can be so difficult that they don’t want to solve the problem and prefer to keep getting upset,” she said. down for our full interview with Aatikah.

Do you have any horrible customer stories to share with us? Why not go through our comments section at the bottom? When you’re done enjoying this list, you should definitely check out other stories of employees of all kinds having to deal with “customers from hell,” featured in previous Bored Panda articles here and here.

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