Flatland Amsterdam presents 2 photographers Paolo Ventura & Valérie Belin


Paolo Ventura (1968, Milan, Italy) invents stories. Like all good storytellers, Ventura grew up with them and seems to have a natural gift for storytelling. Each of his images harbors its own little mystery, a concoction of atmosphere, character and detail that invites closer examination. Ventura, like a true master illusionist, makes things disappear before our eyes. Death and disappearance are recurring themes in his work. He explains it as an omnipresent “fear of losing someone he loves”, which he translates into his photographs.

Valerie Belin (1964, Boulogne-Billancourt, France) is one of the most famous French photographers working today. By presenting her work in the Netherlands, FLATLAND will work in close collaboration with the prestigious Parisian gallery Nathalie Obadia who has worked with her for years.

First influenced by various minimalist and conceptual tendencies, Valérie Belin became interested in the photographic medium in its own right; it is both the subject of his work and his way of thinking and creating. Light, matter and the “body” of things and beings in general, as well as their transformations and representations, constitute the terrain of his experiments and the world of his artistic ideas.

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