Fernando Guerra – Contemporary Architecture Photographers


Shihlien Chemical Industrial Park Office, Jiangsu, China – Álvaro Siza, Carlos Castanheira, 2014, © Fernando Guerra / FG+SG.

Fernando Guerra – Contemporary Architecture Photographers

Together with his brother Sergio, Portuguese photographer Fernando Guerra is the founder of FG+SG, one of the most renowned studios in the world exclusively dedicated to architectural photography.
Born in Lisbon in 1970, Guerra is an architect by training and conducted his own architectural practice for several years, before moving into photography.

“I’m often asked if I miss designing architectural projects, but now more than ever, I don’t. There are many ways of doing architecture, of living it intensely. Today, I share what I do and I live happily doing it.“ Fernando Guerra

Guerra’s approach has something in common with that of Iwan Baan in the sense that, like the Dutch photographer, he prefers to depict “inhabited” buildings with an approach close to photojournalism rather than focusing on the “purity” of architecture by imagining it without people.

“I like to photograph architecture as an invisible photojournalist as if it were an editorial. I show the reality of the place, including the one who is there by chance. Beyond showing the scale and form of the project, people bring architecture to life.

Yet Guerra’s images are quite distinct from Baan’s; compared to those of the Dutch photographer, his images are characterized by a more dreamlike atmosphere; they are often foggy or cloudy and shot at dusk or shortly after sunrise. In Guerra’s photos, the light is usually very soft and milky, and the shadows are weak and evanescent, sometimes completely absent.
As has been remarked, it is rare to find one of his photographs without people, although there is only one person in most of them; I don’t know if it’s a kind of alter-ego of the photographer or just a passerby, a random presence. In this sense, Guerra’s artistic vision falls somewhere between that of Iwan Baan and that of Hélène Binet, and she masterfully combines creative improvisation and careful preparation.
Guerra commonly uses Canon full-frame digital cameras, often fitted with wide- to medium-telephoto lenses. He is also an early adopter and enthusiast of drones, which he personally modifies and customizes.

FG+SG official website http://ultimasreportagens.com/

Fernando Guerra, Shihlien, Alvaro Siza Carlos Castanheira 2

Shihlien Chemical Industrial Park Office, Jiangsu, China – Álvaro Siza, Carlos Castanheira, 2014, © Fernando Guerra / FG+SG.

Fernando Guerra, Cento Alto Rendimento Pocinho, Alvaro Andrade

Centro de Alto Rendimento do Pocinho, Foz Côa, Portugal – Álvaro Fernandes Andrade, 2014, © Fernando Guerra / FG+SG.

Mora Freshwater Aquarium

Mora River Aquarium, Mora, Portugal – Promontorio Arquitectos, 2015, © Fernando Guerra / FG+SG.

Fernando Guerra, EPFL, Eclubens, Richter Dahl Rocha

EPFL student houses Quartier Nord, Ecublens, Switzerland – Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés, 2014 © Fernando Guerra / FG+SG.

Fernando Guerra Magnifica ossessione MART Museum 2

The Magnificent Obsession, MART Museum, Rovereto, Italy, 2013; installation view © Fernando Guerra / FG+SG.

Fernando Guerra, Saya Park, Alvaro Siza Carlos Castanheira

Saya Park Art Pavilion, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea – Álvaro Siza, Carlos Castanheira, 2018, © Fernando Guerra / FG+SG.


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