Eyes Wide Open exhibit features artists and photographers from CSRA | Community


A new art exhibit featuring CSRA artists and photographers opened earlier this month in North Augusta.

Eyes Wide Open, described as a contemporary photography exhibition, features more than 20 artists from the region. It is on display for free at the North Augusta Arts and Heritage Center.

“It’s great because you’re kind of invited to come here and show your work here, so it’s nice to be invited back to show everything,” said Evamarie Foltz of Martinez, Georgia.

Haliegh Key of Augusta, Georgia, who won the Best Show award, was happy to see other artists’ interpretations.

“It’s cool to see everyone’s different styles and stuff like that. Just looking at photography online a lot of people are posting the same things and a lot of times people are posting what other people want to see and not what they like,” she said. “I like people who show more what they like and what they like to do instead of what everyone else wants to see, and so I think that ‘much of what’s here is what people personally like.’

Michelle Percival of Modoc, who won first place, agrees.

“It was a really good experience,” Percival said. “When I was walking around, I was seeing things from other angles, so it got me thinking about how I could do different things again.”

The exhibition is presented from April 21 to May 22. For more information on the exhibits at the Center for Arts and Heritage, visit their website.

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