Enthusiasts, bird watchers and nature photographers flock from everywhere



Dec 17 2021 | 5:29 am IST

Enthusiasts, bird watchers and nature photographers flock from everywhere

The festival is an opportunity for experienced bird watchers to disseminate information to young people and provide advice

It was a most interesting first day at the 5th edition of the two-day bird festival. The Malabar tree nymph, a butterfly in the Nymphalidae butterfly family, is now the state butterfly. The festival attracted delegates from states like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, as well as some international participants. The festival was opened by CM Pramod Sawant who encouraged all the delegates who were part of the festival. He said the state is now a hub for all major activities and events nationally and internationally. The CM pointed out that some unusual migratory birds from Delhi and West Bengal which are not seen at this time of year, visit Goa, due to its pure climate. For Lynne Heslop and Aliaster Reeves, a British couple, this festival was an opportunity to learn and explore nature up close. Lynne said: “These festivals help us understand that Goa is also something outside of the beaches. We have traveled to other parts of the world as well, but we haven’t even found a single place with wildlife coverage even closer to Goa. The festival is a breeding ground for all students and nature lovers. Rohan, a third year zoology student said: “I am one of five students who come from my institution. There were more students willing to join us but due to protocols they weren’t allowed. I was fascinated by the wildlife photography session, where Kedar monsieur had talked about photographing a bird, covering both technical and animal aspects. I look forward to the Bird Trails where I can experiment with everything I am learning now, practically ”. One of the organizers said: “I loved working around nature and we are doing our best to reach out to the young people of Goa. Emphasis is placed on those in rural areas of the state. He recalled a statement from one of his instructors who said his job pays him to breathe fresh air. WWF Goa has set up six booths. The Forestry Department, local self-help groups, the Center for Wildlife Studies, Govan and GBCN. Gaurav Patil of WWF Goa works to raise awareness of marine species and the issues around them. This festival aims to bring together like-minded people and give them a platform to share their experiences. Kamal Kishnani, an avid ornithologist and naturalist from Bengaluru, said: “I love being surrounded by wild animals, the peace that nature offers cannot be achieved with any other job. The adrenaline rush you get when you walk through a tiger reserve on a bird study, hear calls and the sound of the forest cannot be compared to any other experience. I have lived my life around wildlife and have no regrets. The adrenaline rush that comes when you walk with a tiger or get a golden hour bird’s eye click cannot be compared to anything. He encouraged all the budding wildlife photographers and asked them to follow their hearts. Atun Jain, who moderated a session on Twitching – the fun side of birdwatching, said: “Twitching is not just a simple practice, rather it is a fine art that is learned through skill. calculated risk. ” He also shared his experiences with bird contractions in the subcontinent. A few delegates attend the Birds festival regularly, including David Totter, a British citizen who has participated in the festival for four years. He said: “The best thing about this festival is that we learn a lot about birds and their behaviors here. These senior volunteers can recognize birds even without seeing them, which is a skill that can only be achieved with practice. In England we have specific places where we do similar activities. There we don’t have anyone to guide, instead we have a written note that helps us understand the experience, but here in India it’s different. We have human interactions that are more useful and connected. Although the delegates were happy with the facilities provided, they were delighted to have their own experiences at the five different sites in Goa. Good bird watching.



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