Embracing “Engaged Journalism” to Get the Meaningful Message of Sustainability Across: Moments That Matter (by Fiona Shields)


By Fiona Shields

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What creates an impactful image that can spark a message of positivity and hope among people? It’s a question I often ask myself as a photo editor… what drives people to take action? The answer, while it may seem deceptively simple, is quite complex. It’s all about engagement and empathy, clicking a photo just to present a certain situation in front of the audience is just not enough, especially in this age of hyper-communication and digitalization. Today’s photographers need to go beyond simply presenting the issue, they need to engage their audience and establish means of direct and non-abstract visual communication. For example, we found that if we posted images of polar bears on melting ice caps, people weren’t necessarily moved because they didn’t think the issue affected them, when in fact the climate crisis affects everyone. In order to get our message across, we look for images that have the potential to spark a conversation in people’s minds, generating more commitment highlighting the relatability factor. Telling authentic stories with a humanitarian angle through images that allow people to put themselves in your subject’s shoes, thus elevating emotions and accentuating that aspect of connectedness is a recipe for sense. Ask questions of your audience such as “what if this was your child?” or “imagine being here!” are simple yet utterly powerful ways to not only elicit a reaction, but to invoke those deeper feelings that even drive an individual to consider taking action… this is where engaged photojournalism lies really significant.

Offer solutions

Photography certainly acts as a catalyst to motivate action and inspire change, but a critical part of creating that larger conversation is offering solutions. As important as it is to engage people with carefully captured images, it is also useful propose solutions to the problem to avoid being carriers of uniquely grim news. Photography as an art can arouse emotion, affection and passion strike a chord with the audience. Find new and original paths Reaching people is the foundation of all good photography, especially in the context of sustainability. As the world has drawn attention to the subject of sustainability, photographers can really dig deep into this arena with powerful visual communication bring a unique but relevant perspective. “Moments that Matter”, a Canon-led company, truly shines a light on the value of sustainability by combine its elements in everything we do today, be it environmental, social or economic development and progress. The environmental impact created by our Activities remains one of the high points of discussion in industries and platforms globally, but for those who truly understand this category, it is obvious that environmental sustainability is the priority. Comprehension the impact of our actions on the environment, its delicate link with the biodiversity of our planet as well as its close association with healthy economies and flourishing societies.

Mastery of Aesthetics and Expression

Our aim through ‘Moments that Matter’ is to provide an opportunity to harness the power of visual storytelling and motivate significant change. We are looking for photographs that capture moments and give meaning to a complex scene with well-designed framing who masters the the art of self-expression. Although quality and originality certainly influence visual results, a key ingredient is the ability of a photographer to connect to a story, gain trust and preserve the dignity of people/situation they document. In fact, many photographers spend days or weeks understanding an overall storyline, understanding the context, and gaining the trust of their subject. before they even lift their camera to take a picture. And of course, having a good eye for aesthetics helps define the context while doing justice to the current situation.

The art of identifying a good photo

My encounter with the world of photography started as a journalism student. I discovered that my passion and skills lay in the creative realm of visual expression rather than verbal expression.o guided by my talents rather than an aspiration to write I entered the world of photography. In my experience, learning the art of seeing, evaluating and identifying a good image is as important as the craft photography himself. What’s fascinating is that as a photo retoucher, your skills are different from those of a photographer – who, truth be told, is often too close to his work to be able to see it objectively. As a photo editor, you see the work through the eyes of a reader understanding the dynamics of the image with the overall story much like a puzzle, while the photographer only sees a part, the the role of the editor is to assemble the whole puzzle.

The painter constructs, the photographer unveils

The power of photojournalism to bring about positive change is undeniable and, as such, photographers have a great responsibility that comes with that power and industry leaders must do the same. Competitions such as “Moments that Matter” allow photographers to evaluate and submit their work which is then further amplified by publishers who want place their stories in publications around the world. So what may start as a simple photograph in one part of the world may very well become the talking point for the whole world tomorrow, that’s the power of photography. The purpose of this award is to highlight meaningful images that can ignite passion for sustainability and call people to action..

Submit your nominations here: https://bit.ly/3GD6duJ

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