Elden Ring’s Thai Ad Is Bafflingly Emotional


Sometimes video game promotional material gets weirdas is the case with this Ring of Elden business from Thailand.

For some reason, this ad veers into melodrama where a grandmother’s legacy is shattered and her family descends into chaos and wild feuds. Then her grandson comes home and begs them to stop fighting because they are harming nature with all the bad vibes. Yes, this is actually an advert for FromSoftware’s latest action RPG, and surprisingly accurate if you’re even a bit familiar with it. Elden Ring’s story.

Watch it for yourself below. Words can barely do this work of art justice.

Wild how there’s not even gameplay footage of Ring of Elden until more than halfway through the video. Surely no one is on the fence about this game after watching anything! There isn’t even a Name of George RR Martin until it’s almost over.

If you are still not sold Ring of Elden, GLHF the explainer might do the trick. There are dozens of rabbit holes to get lost in with this game, which is why our complete walkthrough and dozens of other guides are everywhere For victory. Unfortunately, we can’t promise that none of these items will resolve family feuds. You are all alone there.

Written by Kyle Campbell on behalf of GLHF.


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