Drop everything and call 1-833-HOTL1NE for a good mood


The past few years have been difficult for independents. Maybe you’re tired of talking to yourself instead of at the office all day. Maybe you just sent the Final Fifth Edition back to a customer this week. Or maybe you’re tired of finishing a day at work to the sound of your noisy neighbors playing Kings of Leon – that last one could be me. Whatever your freelancer’s problems are, a new service from the online coworking community Groove is about to change everything; or at least make your WFH lunch a little more fun. Struggling freelancers can now “transform their day in 60 seconds” by calling the Pick-me-up hotline, according to a statement from Groove attests, offering a quick dose of inspiration, encouragement and support.

Although the hotline number (1-833-HOTL1NE) is based in the United States, the service can be accessed overseas through platforms such as Skype. It features pre-recorded messages, all to help lift the caller’s spirits. Among the many audio options on the Pick-me-up hotline is the choice to speak to Groove CEO and co-founder Joshua Greene. “A member of Groove called him once and they caught up for 15 minutes,” says Brandy Cerne, brand marketing consultant for Groove.

After its launch in April, the hotline racked up many calls; Brandy says it’s especially fun to see the same number dial back multiple times or scroll through the entire menu to hear all the options. “We heard so many people say it made them laugh or brightened their day! One of the great things about a campaign like this is that it’s pretty persistent – we just need to update the records from time to time, but otherwise people can come back to it or be featured in it at any time,” says Brandy.

The idea for the hotline brilliantly came from an extremely engaging tweet about a popsicle hotline at a hotel – a thread we recommend you read. Brandy continues that after Groove left social media a few months ago, “it sparked some creative and original ideas about how we can positively impact the lives of freelancers and solopreneurs in a way that can -be more retro”. After the big quit left many freelancers or down the winding road to building a business, Groove hopes the hotline can be a fun replacement for the pick-me-up a co-worker might offer in an office. So today, before you face your slowly growing to-do list or your more ominously growing inbox, you know what to do.


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