Demand for commercial clean-up is increasing after COVID-19 pandemic


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / December 9, 2021 / The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of lives around the world and changed many businesses in many industries. The cleaning industry was no different. Thanks to the pandemic, people are now taking cleaning more seriously, Clean Group CEO Suji Siv said in a recent interview. It was a positive thing that came out of this otherwise depressing event.

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Gone are the days when Sydney businesses cleaned to beautify their premises. Now the focus has shifted more to cleansing for health. Companies have finally understood that cleaning is the best way to ensure the overall safety of their premises and their workers. According to Suji Siv, cleaning for health has become a preference for many companies since the start of the pandemic. While many offices have had to temporarily shut down operations during the COVID-19 lockdown, critical businesses including government offices, hospitals, grocery stores, medical centers, and more. were always open and needed to be regularly Virus decontamination cleaning of their premises, in particular to neutralize germs and limit the reach of the virus.

Cleaning for health ‘is the new priority for companies
The owner of Clean Group believes the trend of cleaning for health is likely to continue in the near future and regular cleaning will now become much more than simply beautifying a place.

Even when COVID-19 is definitively over, businesses will still face many health issues, including seasonal illnesses in the workplace. Most of these health problems can be treated with proper, routine commercial cleaning of the office. According to Suji Siv, their cleaning services not only aim to make the place more beautiful and beautiful, but also to minimize the presence of germs on the floors of offices, toilets and other high traffic areas. In addition to basic cleaning, they also perform disinfection, which helps prevent the spread of common germs and bacteria in the premises. To help resolve employee health issues in the simplest way possible, companies often turn to expert commercial cleaning companies for help.

Clean Group provides commercial cleaning services to all commercial properties in Sydney CBD
As one of the leading providers of commercial cleaning services in Sydney, Clean Group is the preferred choice of hundreds of local businesses including offices, gyms, schools, hospitals, retail stores, and more. for their daily cleaning and disinfection needs. The company is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art cleaning resources and has the best and proven team of trained commercial cleaners who are also experienced in disinfecting for COVID-19.

Companies employ professional cleaners as workers return to the office
As many Sydney businesses reopen their premises after the pandemic and employees return to the office, they would like to use the best policies to reduce sick days due to seasonal illness and COVID-19. Routine and proper cleaning of the workplace by expert cleaners is usually at the top of the list for most of these companies. Cleaning will not only help ensure that workers take fewer days off work, but it will also likely help create a happier and more productive workforce, especially when company employees benefit from an environment healthy work.

But the cleanliness of the offices is not only the responsibility of the cleaners. Organizations will need to come forward and start educating their workers about the importance and advice of office cleanliness. For example, following basic office hygiene practices such as using a mask, washing your hands regularly, and maintaining social distancing would be a good place to start. It will also teach employees the importance of personal hygiene and that it is for their own well-being.

Employees and customers are increasingly concerned about workplace safety
Another trend observed after the pandemic is a dramatic increase in employee and customer awareness of workplace safety. Many clients and office workers were reportedly found asking questions about the steps their businesses or local businesses are taking to clean their premises, especially sensitive areas like toilets, doorknobs, counters, etc. in order to stop the spread of the virus. This has practically forced the owners of commercial buildings to focus more on cleaning their commercial facilities. And that doesn’t just apply to office space, but to any type of commercial property. Malls and malls, for example, need to be very clear about how often they clean their premises so that customers feel safe returning to those places. Likewise, other commercial properties including banks, restaurants, movie theaters, gymnasiums, health clubs, schools, daycares and the like must have rigorous cleaning programs in place to keep their customers. feel comfortable coming back.

Sydney CBD Commercial Cleaning Companies help businesses minimize the risk of viruses through proper and regular cleaning of their facilities. Some companies like Clean Group see cleaning not just as a job, but as a responsibility that they have to take on so that people feel safe again when they visit stores, restaurants, etc. locals and use their services. Even though the pandemic has been bad in many ways, one good thing that has come out is that companies have become more aware of workplace safety and are taking every precaution to keep their workers safe.

Clean Group Commercial Cleaning The Sydney CBD Company offers complete commercial cleaning and office cleaning solutions, including COVID disinfection, for businesses across the city. To book a free quote, visit the company’s website.

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