CuteVamp’s digital footprint guides freelancers to a futuristic workplace



The surge in the culture of self-employment is one of the results of the change in lifestyle due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it has affected almost every industry. Change has been mostly slow and steady in the case of digital freelancing, in particular, due to lockdowns and Covid protocols, freelancers are now the third largest workforce in the world. This rate of growth that has taken place over the past year has left experts and researchers in awe. Despite the fact that a large number of people have lost their jobs or been downsized, one cannot ignore the fact that professionals are consciously turning to self-employment.

Companies that are at the forefront of this digital freelance movement are building a new world for a new tomorrow. One of those companies is CuteVamp, a web design startup based in India and Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Founded in 2017, the company today provides cutting edge web design services to clients based around the world. Being featured twice on Fiverr and ranked # 1 on GoDaddy Pro (India) for Selling Best Web Design Services are just a few of CuteVamp’s accomplishments. The StartUp has served more than 750 satisfied customers around the world.

Sumit Ojha, one of the co-founders of CuteVamp, leads the team of experienced professionals who make it all happen. Sumit has over 16 years of experience as a web designer, UI / UX analyst and brand identity specialist, with platforms like and Fiverr.

Speaking about the sustainability of this way of working, Sumit Ojha says: “Self-employment may seem insecure, not giving you the guarantee of projects and a fixed income, but it is a misconception. Self-employment is not only stable, but also gives you a higher income if you have the right skills and the right contacts. The digital freelancer is the future of work and the time is not far off when it will be considered a full-time profession.

It was this idea that inspired CuteVamp’s New-Age Digital Entrepreneurship Course, which aims to prepare students for future careers. The course, among others, also trains students to become a successful freelance writer in the digital world. The fact that the pandemic has turned our lives upside down is also manifested in the culture of self-employment which is becoming the new normal across the world and in India as well. With this change in office culture, CuteVamp’s services are a professional, economical, and knowledgeable way to get things done online.

Over the past year, many people have found themselves turning to the freelance field mainly because it is a flexible way of working. The shift also allows them to schedule their workday according to their personal life, which is another advantage of digital freelancing.

Digital self-employment is the future as more companies discover the benefits of enabling a flexible work culture for employees.

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