Commercial Street Revitalization Plan Seeks Residents’ Opinion



As plans to revitalize Nanaimo’s Commercial Street slowly materialize, the project is seeking input from residents and traders on the street.

“We’re trying to assess the values ​​that people associate with the area, so we’re going to use that information and develop it into design options,” said James Knight, Capital Project Management Specialist. “At this point nothing has been firmly decided, so now is definitely a great time for anyone who is invested and interested in getting involved in the process. “

The revitalization project began in July, when $ 150,000 was spent bringing staff on board to decide what could be done to bring more life to the area, including Wharf Street and Bastion Street.

In September, the project received assistance from Tool Design and has since been in discussions with stakeholders about the project.

“Once the project started, we started collecting information and sending relevant documents and existing manuals to our Tool Design partners,” Knight said. “Then on November 22, we held what we call ‘Discovery Week’; where Tool Design met some key stakeholders. We had meetings, walking tours of the area, we had an open house, a public presentation and a workshop with the city council. We are always finding out what values ​​people want and see in the region, what they like about the region and what changes people would like to see made.

No solid plan has yet been made for the area regarding its aesthetic changes, but Knight says its main goal is to “create a public space for retailers, community events and public art.”

The plan is designed to have its final report completed by July 2022. There is currently no timeline for when the proposed construction will take place.

Until then, residents are invited to provide their comments and ideas via an online survey. They can also send an email [email protected] for more information.



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