Commercial dancing cannot be part of the breakdancing talent hunt


Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): A taekwondo player cannot be selected for a cricket team regardless of his excellence in his field, so why dancers performing any other form of dance are allowed to perform in the breakdancing talent hunt program here. That’s what some Talent Hunt program participants demanded to know.

On Thursday, a breakdancing talent hunt was held at TT Nagar Stadium. About 105 dancers presented their talent, of which 29 boys and 13 girls were selected for the next stage.

In the selection, dancers from different regions came to showcase their talent. One of the contestants said that the selection started with dancers doing Bhangra and Bollywood moves.

“It’s commercial and choreographed dancing and it can’t be accepted. It’s a waste of time. We’ve been here since 9am but we have to wait our turn. It’s not real breakdance” , he added.

We may not eat every day, but we practice..

“We are street dancers, we may not eat every day, but we breakdance every day. It’s an entirely different form of dance, we’ve been doing it for years. It’s our turn , and only we should be allowed to participate in the Trials If not that, then at least our turn should come first,” B-boy Antidote (real name (Abhishek Lodhi)) said.

Speaking to FPJ, the breakdancers said, “B-boy Antique (real name Ankit Kushwah) brought the dance form to Bhopal. We are his students and he is our idol. street art, and it’s raw, but when we practice or play on the roads or in the parks, the police stop us. We’re not even allowed to practice. If we can’t even practice, how are we going to we play ?†

What we do is raw and different

B-boy Skyraw (real name Sachin Shakya) told Free Press, “What we’re doing is raw and different. We don’t even know what’s going to be played and what’s happening here is choreographed. It’s a waste of time for us.” The age limit should be increased as more experienced breakdancers are older than the prescribed age limit. They should also have a chance. Now it’s our turn, we raw dancers should be appreciated and supported.”

Most of the B-boys were selected in the first round of the breakdancing talent hunt.

(Contributed by Minal Tomar and Apoorva Chakrayat)

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