Comic Storytelling in Journalism: A New Trend for New Consumers


Comic Storytelling in Journalism: A New Trend for New Consumers

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The terms “comedy storytelling” and “journalism” might seem a little discordant to the average news consumer.

Yet, “comedy storytelling in journalism” is rapidly becoming a growing trend for attracting a younger eye to mainstream media news products. It’s the marriage of drawn images and text to tell serious stories in a series of boards drawn in the style of a comic strip.

Hannah Good and Rachel Orr of The Washington Post are strong proponents and practitioners of this form of journalistic storytelling.

Good is a journalist and comics artist and Orr is an art director and comics editor. Good manages gender and identity coverage and Orr leads visual identity and social strategy for gender and identity.

Currently, they help contributors tell their personal stories through graphic images and text in 10 panels.

Good and Orr are also working with other Washington Post groups to extend this graphic form of storytelling to other topics.

This form of storytelling brings a younger look to news products. It appeals to people drawn to visual images more than linear narrative reporting.

Good is a graduate of Western Kentucky University and was previously a social media producer at “Washingtonian Magazine” before joining the Post. She has also worked for HaperCollins Publishers, Apple TV+ and Barnes and Noble as an illustrator.

Orr graduated from the Ohio University School of Visual Communication majoring in graphic design and publication design with a major in magazine journalism. She worked at the Arizona Republic before joining the Post in 2013.


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