City Life Org – Empowering the World’s Most Talented Emerging Photographers Through PhotoVogue Residency


Today, based in Brooklyn Voicethe digital art marketplace, joins forces with PhotoVogue to create an NFT residency program focused on the world’s most talented emerging photographers. With photography being a traditionally underrated art form, PhotoVogue and Voice are dedicated to ensuring the medium is not left behind as it transitions to Web3.

With a shared mission to empower emerging creators from underrepresented and marginalized communities, the Residency program and the collection will continue to amplify the storytelling power of photography and empower diverse artists globally and in the digital space. This residency is in line with successful partnerships with the street art collective Street theorypopular NFT project women go upand influential curators Misan Harriman and Kimberly Drew.

Although the NFT world is still in its infancy, a successful NFT drop is fundamentally about the power of community. That’s why PhotoVogue thinks it’s important to explore this new world, taking its artists on an adventure.

The NFT Residency is a month-long virtual experience where each resident of the program will receive all the necessary items to start a digital art collection, with Voice providing each participant:

· Allocation


Invitations to digital workshops and mentoring

A bonus on primary sales in the first month


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