Christian photographers to speak at an event at Kendal Town Hall


A NUMBER of Christian photographers will use the context of their faith to discuss the images they took at an event later this month.

The “Faith Through the Lens” event will coincide with the Kendal Mountain Festival and will take place at City Hall.

One of the speakers is mountaineer and photographer Lathan Ball.

“In the beginning, landscape photography allowed me to record my travels and share my adventures with my friends and family,” he said.

“However, I quickly became engrossed in photography as an art form and worked hard to develop my photographic skills and abilities.

“My desire was to produce photographs that capture the timeless grandeur of the mountain landscape, the beauty of the ever-changing light and the individual character of each climb.”

Former mental health nurse Matt Bradley, who will also be speaking, described himself as an “accidental photographer”.

“After 15 years of working in mental health, I am using the outdoors and photography as a means of recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder,” he said.

The event, hosted by Kendal’s Gateway Church, will take place at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, November 21. Registration is free and does not require a reservation.


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