Charles Barkley calls for commercial break on ‘Inside the NBA’ for hitting small child after blatant disrespect


Indoors, the NBA spectacle gets a lot more attention when it’s live outside of the arena. The crew often performs live outside an arena and invites players to sit down after the game. Fans have their favorites from the show, including Shaquille O’Neal. At the same time, Charles Barkley seems to be the least beloved of them all.

Barkley and Shaq argue quite often and in defense, Shaq reminds Chuck how many rings he has. Chuck was a great player and has some crazy stats, but all he’s missing is a ring. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t have a lot of fans.


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The kids don’t like Charles Barkley at all

Ahead of Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals between the Warriors and Mavs, fans gathered outside Chase Center to watch Inside the NBA live in front of them. Shaq, Ernie Johnson, Kenny and Chuck were on their usual takes as Ernie noticed the fan art right behind them.


Charles Barkley commenting during the match: “Yoga is nothing but stretching. They call it yoga so they can charge more’

6 months ago

A small child was holding a poster of his drawing. He drew the show’s crew and highlighted “884K Dislikes” on Barkley’s drawing.


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While for the others, the kid gave a thumbs up. It was hilarious fan art, although Barkley didn’t approve of it. He was so pissed that he wanted a quick commercial break on the show so he could confront the kid or, worse, the ‘Smack’. When he said that, Ernie and Kenny were surprised at how he reacted to some pleasant fan art.

“Hey man, that’s not what I look like, little boy. I’m gonna come down and give you smoke… Hey, go to a commercial break so I can go slap that little kid.”, Chuck said. Ultimately, the players respect Chuck’s game. But this reaction on his part had surprised more than one, even if it was only jokes.


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On the same day, Barkley even insulted a fan who was trying to talk trash to him. If the show continues its live schedule outside of arenas, fan hatred for Chuck will become quite common in no time. The banter between the crew is endless. What’s your favorite moment from the show? Let us know in the comments!


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