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Most of the time, it feels like our staff at Monterey County Weekly are all on the same team. Today, however, our competitive spirit is at its height. Erik Cushman and Sara Rubin here, with very different ideas about which species should prevail in our Reader Pet Challenge: cats or dogs.

Erik and Milo are looking for dogs, while Sara, Violet and Bixby are in the cat camp. But really, what we’re both looking for is a thriving local paper, especially in these turbulent times when reliable reporting is more important than ever.

Some things at Weekly do not change, but over the past couple of years we, like everyone else, have been forced to do some things differently. This includes creating this daily newsletter, Monterey County NOW. This also includes asking readers to make financial contributions to directly support our journalism.

We have one week left in our spring appeal to our readers, asking you to join us as a Weekly Insider. By donating any amount, you help defray the costs of local journalism. By contributing to our Reader Pet Challenge, your pet will be featured in a gallery on our website and you can help cats or dogs (or “other” – apologizing to horses, birds, fish, turtles, etc. there) go ahead. We look for the species that bring in the most money.

The idea of ​​a pet problem is something we’ve been talking about for a long time at the Weekly, and this is the second year we’ve produced one — our favorite issue is now on newsstands. This is part of our new traditions. Part of what doesn’t change, however, is that we’re still striving to strike the right balance in our coverage of seriousness and fun, challenge and lightness in our pages. We believe our pet issue embodies that spirit, covering everything from neighborhood cat naps and an exotic bird seller to pet insurance and difficult owner-pet relationships.

Will you join us?

As a regular reader of Monterey County Weekly and Monterey County NOW you may have realized that the business model of journalism has changed dramatically. In today’s media landscape, direct financial support from readers is the new normal as the world of advertising has changed.

Join us in helping reach our goal of 500 new insiders by March 31. Join over 2,500 of your neighbors and contribute the amount that works best for you today. Every little bit counts, and together we can make a positive impact in and for Monterey County.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.

Erik Cushman, editor


Our surveillance journalism and local government coverage perhaps more engaging for some readers, or previews of upcoming concerts or art exhibitions, or perhaps features on new restaurants and bars. Based on our devotion to our own pets, we sneakily suspect that our readers might love pets too – and we invite you to get involved as a weekly insider, contributing to something you believe in. .

Making direct appeals to our readers for help is a new tradition at the Weekly. Going forward, we plan to make four calls per year. This, along with our Reader Pet Challenge, will run until Wednesday, April 6.

Currently, the dogs are ahead. Sara hopes that all felines will mobilize to help change this balance.

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