Canva Visual Worksuite’s Coolest Features for Freelancers


Canva Visual Worksuite has a host of new features that will give Google Workspace and Microsoft Office products a run for their money. Freelancers starting their online business should experience the simple yet powerful features of Canva Virtual Worksuite.

Canva announced the upgraded version of its platform at Canva Create 2022, Canva’s inaugural global event. Appropriately subtitled “The future is visual”, Canva Create 2022 has highlighted the latest features of its popular online tool. Here are a few.

If you’re considering selling your own print products, check out Canva’s new print catalog, which has over 35 print products. You can design calendars, hoodies, business cards, stickers, flyers, postcards, etc. and have them printed by printers committed to sustainable business practices. Note that Canva Print is only limited to certain regions.

Opt for free delivery or pick up in store

Receive your products directly at your doorstep with no shipping costs. And if you’re not satisfied, Canva reprints your items for free. If you prefer to collect your products at your own pace, you can choose to collect them from FedEx (United States) or Staples (Canada).

Are you a graphic designer, photographer, artist, typographer or subject matter expert? The Canva Creators Marketplace might be the right avenue for your side business or freelance business. Design templates, assets, or learning resources for Canva and earn royalties for your work.

Canva hosts events, workshops, and challenges to help you network with other creators and master your content creation skills.

If you’re an app developer, you can join the Canva Developers Marketplace and build apps using the new Canva API. Canva provides API docs and sample code to help you build new apps for millions of users. If you have any feedback or questions, you can join the private Slack community for developers or contact a dedicated technical support team.

As Canva says, the way documents were designed hasn’t changed in years, and anyone who’s used today’s text editors can probably attest to that. Now you can create functional yet attractive documents with Canva Docs.

Create unique document templates

Canva merges text and graphics to help you create visually appealing proposals for clients. You can embed graphics from Canva’s library, which hosts 100 million design elements. You can also add videos, banners, whiteboards, and graphics to make your documents stand out.

Collaborate with your team and clients

With Canva Docs, you can send messages to your collaborators in real time. You can also control who has access to your document, so sensitive information is shared with the right people.

Track views with Canva Insights

Wondering if your client has seen your proposal? Canva Insights allows you to monitor the views received by your document. Once a customer opens your document, you can follow up in a timely manner. You can also use this feature to track team views and changes.

Convert documents into instant presentations

Perhaps you can add Canva Docs to your list of the best apps to use to reduce overtime. With just one click, you can turn your text document into a presentation for your next meeting.

If you’ve never built a website before, you can do it now with Canva. There is no need for coding skills. Just click, drag, drop, grab and post to create an online portfolio or business website. The models come from a selection of niches such as fashion, real estate, travel, business, music, etc.

Claim a domain name

Canva offers free hosting for up to five live websites. You can also buy a Canva domain or design your website on Canva and use an existing domain. If you’re considering a unique domain name, check out these tips to help you choose the best domain name for your business website.

Create a mobile-friendly web page in minutes

Easily design a website that is suitable for both desktop and mobile browsing. Before you publish your website, just check the “resize on mobile” box and Canva websites will do the work for you.

Measure website performance

If you want to know how effective your website is, track its performance with Websites Insights. You won’t need to use another tool to measure your site’s effectiveness because this feature is automatically built into your Canva website.

Turn static documents into interactive websites

Previously, you had to convert your files to PNG format before using them on Canva. Today, Canva allows you to import your documents directly to your website.

Freelancers will have a huge space for brainstorming sessions on Canva whiteboards. The online tool is free and perfectly designed for remote teams.

Add charts, flowcharts, and sticky notes

Canva steps up the game with its Whiteboard, which lets you add videos and graphics from Canva’s library. Need a reminder? Just press S, and a blank customizable sticky note appears on your screen. You can also create flowcharts using lines and shapes from Canva’s free chart collection.

Collaborate in real time or asynchronously

Teammates can work on a brainstorming session using the Canva whiteboard. Comments can be seen in real time, or if you work in different time zones, just come back at your own pace to check your teammates’ notes.

Canva allows users with no video editing background to create their own videos. Here are two of Canva Video’s new features:

Remove background from your video in one click

Canva brings the beloved one-click background removal feature to its video platform. This means you can save videos for your website or portfolio from anywhere and simply change the background through Canva.

Use new animation tools

Canva Video has improved its animation tools to help new and experienced video editors create more engaging content. There is always merit in enrolling in one of the best online video editing courses if you want to learn the basics and improve your skills. But if you don’t want to, integrate Canva Video into your easy-to-use online tools for freelancers on a budget.

Canva’s presentation templates not only look great, but are also great for freelancers who work remotely. For example, you can create a pre-recorded voice presentation if you are providing online training to multiple groups of people. Or you can choose a mobile-first presentation template so that your pitch or company profile can be prepared from your pocket anytime and anywhere. New features let you:

Edit presentations like videos

Canva has added a new timeline that lets you edit your presentation like a Canva video. Pair it with Canva’s new animation tools and add an appropriate audio track, and your project presentations instantly become a cinematic experience.

Manage slides remotely

Multiple presenters will now be able to control your slides from anywhere when presenting from a computer. Use the “Share Remote” function, copy the link and share it with others.

Grow your freelance business with Canva

There’s no reason to feel intimidated by creating content when starting your online business. With Canva Visual Worksuite, freelance work just got easier and more affordable.

With the tools mentioned in this list, you can easily create new designs and market your business better than ever. Why not jump in and try it out?


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