Cameras Used by Instagram’s Highest-Paid Professional Photographers


Have you ever wondered what camera your favorite Instagram photographer uses? Well, we now know thanks to the research of giggster, which revealed the most popular cameras used by today’s highest-earning photographers.

The research also examines which photographers make more money from social media posts than traditional print sales.

Now on to the search…

The highest earning photographer on Instagram is nature photographer Paul Nicklen, earning over £16,000 per post. Nicklen may also earn the most for his draws, with his highest prizes on sale at £59,955.

And the camera that Paul Nicklen uses? That would be the Sony A9 II and the Sony A7R IV. Two of the best mirrorless cameras you can get.

Interestingly, you could say nature is the highest earning type of photography on Instagram, with six nature photographers making it into the top 10 earners.

Check out Paul Nicklen’s post below:

Fashion photographer Mario Testino is a close second, with his most expensive print at £59,603 and the potential to earn £12,082 per post.

Testino uses the mega 100MP Hasselblad H6D.

Nature photographer Chris Burkard completes the top three. He could earn £12,268 per post and uses the Sony A7R IV.

Tyler Quiel, CEO of giggster commented on how Instagram and photography go hand in hand in 2021/22:

“Instagram is often used to grab attention, but you move very quickly. Images that take time to interpret often won’t perform as well on Instagram – people will just pass by and not give it the attention that it does. she deserves – Comes the art of print.These narrative images often deserve spaces on magazine covers, on people’s walls, and in galleries, places to spend time appreciating.

Photographers, traditional and contemporary, can use Instagram to their advantage, increase their reach and even boost their income, research suggests. While Instagram is its own sales and art platform, it can work hand-in-hand with more traditional art forms to help artists. It can not only inspire artists, but it gets fans involved and can connect with vendors, collaborators, venues and more.”.

The most popular camera brand in search is shared by Canon and Nikon, with three photographers each using their camera, followed by Sony, with two photographers, followed by Leica and Hasselblad, with one each.

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