Calling all photographers! Manitou Springs organizes a photo contest to celebrate its 150th anniversary


MANITOU SPRINGS, Colorado (KKTV) – Manitou Springs is celebrating a big anniversary this year! On the occasion of this important step, the city wants to know: What does Manitou mean to you?

Is it wildlife? The pretty local shops?

Is it an incline hike?

The way she looks like a Christmas card after it snows?

Whether you’re a professional or just take photos with your phone for fun, the Town invites anyone whose photo best says “Manitou” to enter this year’s photo contest!

“Every year for three years now, we’ve been holding a photo contest open to the general public so people can submit photos they’ve taken that they’ve taken within the city limits of Manitou Springs,” Alex explained. Trefry, the city spokesperson. “There is so much to capture. He normally has a big turnout and it’s hard to judge him. We therefore invite the public to participate in this one, but there is a small difference: since this is the celebration of our 150 years, we ask people to celebrate and see how they can capture the life of the city and who we are.”

“City Life and Who We Are” is the official theme for the 2022 photo contest, and Trefry says the city kept the theme intentionally vague to help get the creative juices flowing for photographers.

“We look at what the photographer or the person taking the photo interprets. It could be anything from our beautiful landscape to people having fun downtown to Fountain Creek – anything like that. If you think we are our beautiful landscape, then please take a picture and send it.

The rules are simple: the photo must be something in Manitou, it must be taken by you, and it must be in landscape format. Trefry says the city accepts photos taken in any year, not specifically in 2022, and they can be taken with a real camera or with a phone.

The winner of the photo contest will receive $200 in “Manitou money,” which Trefry says most local businesses accept in lieu of cash. (“Just call them ahead to make sure,” he told 11 News. Second place will receive $150 Manitou Cash and third place will receive $100.

All top 10 winners will have their photos used on the city’s website, social media pages and promotional materials.

“Our website and social media combined reach almost a million people a year, so it’s great exposure for your photos,” Trefry said.

As Manitou celebrates 150 years as a city, it also reflects on what came before. The area isn’t just about stunning views, bustling businesses and attractions like the cog railway – its indigenous heritage is also “Manitou”.

“We celebrate much more than the ‘birth of the city’, of Manitou Springs, we celebrate what it created us, but also the past of that, the Indigenous peoples of the past, present and future and how they work together to our current culture and community of Manitou Springs. So we’re celebrating 150 years ago and the beginning of that, but also what led up to that and where we are now. So that’s what ‘life in town and who we are’ encompasses,” Trefry said.

“Because [the indigenous people who have made their home at the shadow of Pikes Peak far longer than 150 years]everything plays into the culture from where we are now.

Photos will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on November 4th. For more information on the photo contest, Click here.

Click below to see the photos used in our story:

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