Business real estate watch: fall edition


We focus a lot on new entrepreneurs and up-and-coming small businesses in the pages of The Keel – and for good reason. These are the people who will shape our region for years to come. One thing we have noticed is that so many entrepreneurs start their businesses from their homes, then move into coworking spaces and pop-up shops as they take the next step. It’s a smart, convenient (and affordable) way to grow a business. The next step could be a storefront rental, of course, but for some, buying a building might be the best option. We took a look around St. Clair County and found some commercial space for sale that sparked our own imaginations. Maybe they’ll trigger someone else’s too.

4770 King Road (Township of China): $ 299,900

Going from running a small food business from your home kitchen to a professional kitchen can be a daunting decision – the cost of acquiring all this equipment has undoubtedly blocked more than a few chefs in their attempts to grow their business. business. . This is why this list in the Canton of China is so intriguing. Not only is the building for sale, but all professional catering equipment is as well. Tony & Mary’s Catering, in business since 1961, sells both the building and its wealth of professional kitchen equipment inside.


1006 Military Street (Port Huron): $ 279,900

Currently listed as being in receivership, this historic theater center transformed into gymnastics in downtown Port Huron is worth watching. Opened in 1922 as the Desmond Theater before becoming the Huron Theater in the 1960s, the building was converted into the dance and gymnastics studio of the Huron Physical Arts Center in the 1990s. There is a lot of history here. , as well as good memories.


314 avenue Huron (Port Huron): $ 1,329,000

11 residential lofts and 8,000 square feet of retail space are for sale in downtown Port Huron, the historic Ben’s Lofts which underwent extensive restoration in 2012. Built in 1911, this three-story building was’ one of the first monolithic buildings cast to build foundations[s]in the country ”, according to the list. Today it’s known as Ben’s Lofts – cleverly restored urban lofts, all 11 of which are currently for rent. Also included are 4,000 square feet of storage in the basement and 8,000 square feet of sidewalk retail space.



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