Better tax provisions for employers and the self-employed


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Your business does not need to charge its independent contractors with umbrella deductions. Your business also doesn’t need to assume compliance and status risk. There is a new way.

Using independent contractors, especially on a project basis, is simply more efficient and cost effective than employment.

The tricky part for UK businesses wanting to use independent contractors is that the PAYE umbrella normally transfers various deductions from the employer onto the freelancer, while IR35 compliance (if applicable) is a complete headache.

Well, the answer to both of these problems is now here.

Guild Freelancing offers both a bespoke approach to IR35 compliance (without relying on HMRC compromise IT IS tool) and a commitment and payment solution for self-employed freelancers. This puts more net pay in the pockets of freelancers compared to the umbrella. Not only will freelancers thank you, but your business will attract talent as a result.

Guild Freelancing solutions are backed by indemnification and insurance for customer peace of mind.

Contact the freelance specialists today for fully outsourced status compliance and a fairer deal for contractors. Let us help you put in place better tax arrangements for employers and the self-employed.

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