Best Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges in Latvia


Journalism and media in a nutshell means the basis for managing various event research, creating timely reports, and most importantly, subsequent dissemination to the public for access through various communication channels. Journalism is the need of the hour because the public needs more people who think about a situation more objectively and determine better authenticity of all stories and find out the best part of them. Latvian education is an accessible education solution for international students which is an affordable option and has a better cost of living. Tuition fees and other living expenses for students who live in Lavita are said to be lower than in other European countries. Here is a list of the best universities in Latvia where you can enroll and study journalism and mass communication from:

  1. Vidzeme youuniversity of Applied Sciences
    This university offers high quality and a very flexible curriculum which is extremely successful balance theory and also best practice. The program here is more suited to new market needs or demands. The university is known for its success rate and the advanced studies it offers to students. It also has a professional teaching staff that also gives you a feel for advanced study. The program offered by the university provides students with an international competitive education and focuses more on media literacy knowledge.
  2. Liepaja youuniversity
    Liepaja is a public higher education institution that implements three different levels of study programs, namely: basic studies, master’s and doctoral studies. New media arts students at the university help them learn different and modern media instruments and also enhance the skills that come into play when creating all forms of artwork. The main and important key of the proposed program is research which also includes the art of dealing with research. The university focuses on art as research which not only represents the creation of research, but also the knowledge of technology, social treatment and necessary scientific discoveries.
  3. Riga Technical University
    Riga Technical University is one of the largest universities in the Baltic States and was founded in 1862. The university offers a program such as bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees RTU, and all of them are recognized in the whole world. The university has also been awarded the European University Quality Label and the EU Diploma Supplement Label. The university believes in growing together and making the world a better place.
  4. Turiba University
    The Ph.D. program of the university offers students to acquire better research and teaching skills while developing their skills as well as their knowledge. The program offers you to develop knowledge, skills and abilities already acquired at a higher level. The program is a scientific qualification, so it also plays as an assessment of professional level and ability with many achievements. The program improves skills such as marketing communication, management science, media management and many other similar skills.
  5. Ventspils youuniversity of Applied Sciences
    Ventspils University was established in the year 1997, which started as a government state university and also a scientific institution. The university is an institute of higher education and science that offers an advanced curriculum and uses much more advanced technologies that have also helped in developing a lot of infrastructure and securing the start-up globally. The main part is to carry out scientific research and, at the same time, to implement different academic and professional study programs.

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