Awards at Bursa National Photographers Marathon

Awards at Bursa National Photographers Marathon

The photographers who graduated from the National Bursa Photographers’ Marathon on the theme “Bursa Flavors and Bursa Food Festival”, organized by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for the second time this year, were awarded.

The second of the Bursa National Photographers Marathon, the first of which was organized by the Metropolitan Municipality with the cooperation of the Bursa Photographic Art Association (BUFSAD) and the support of the Turkish Photographic Art Federation (TFSF) , with the theme ‘History Bazaar, Inns Area and Silk’, this year’s ‘Tastes of Bursa and It’ was held under the theme ‘Bursa Food Festival’.

The marathon, which was organized to help promote Bursa, showcase the flavors of the city and allow artists to photograph the culture and tastes of local cuisine, was held from September 22 to 25, 2022. 182 photographers took part in the Kazanmoment marathon works; Ahmet Bayhan, Assoc. It was determined after careful consideration by the members of the jury consisting of Nezaket Tekin, Serpil Savaş and Fahrettin Beceren, and Hakan Aydın, Mehmet Ateş, Murat Pulat and Özcan Şimşek. As a result of the evaluation, Halit Bozkuş was selected first with the ‘Cantık’ photo, Merve Ergin second with the ‘Meatballs’ photo and İffet Karaca third with the ‘Fruit time’ photo. Ayşe Ayna was honored with the photo ‘Şıra’, Gürsel Egemen Ergin ‘Köfteci7’ and Şevki Karaca with his photo ‘Deveci Pear’. Ahmet Turan was deemed worthy of the “Special Corporate Award” for his photo of “Little Palace Pita Meatballs” and Orhan Akça was deemed worthy of the “Special Jury Prize” for his photo of “Nectarine Harvest”.

Among the photographs participating in the Bursa National Photographers’ Marathon, the works deemed worthy of display were presented to the public at the Cemal Nadir Art Gallery. Before the exhibition, in the presence of the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa, Alinur Aktaş, the President of BUFSAD, Serpil Savaş, the President of the Bursa Municipal Council, Şevket Orhan, the Honorary Consul of the People’s Republic of China Nejat Yahya and photography enthusiasts, the winners of the competition were rewarded. In the marathon, the TFSF gold medal and 12 thousand 500 TL were awarded to the first place, the TFSF silver medal and 10 thousand TL to the second place, and the TFSF bronze medal and 7500 TL to the third square. Owners of works deemed worthy of honorable mention received 3,000 TL each, and owners of works deemed worthy of the Special Jury Prize received a monetary reward of 2,000 TL each.

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that Bursa is a unique city that has hosted different cultures and civilizations and has historical and natural beauties. Stating that these values ​​should be carried forward in the future with works in many different fields, from theater to photography, from sports to infrastructure, Mayor Aktaş said: “Everyone living in this city has responsibilities . If we all take on these responsibilities, we can lead our city into the future in a healthier way. BUFSAD is also working to create memory in the city on a “voluntary basis”. I thank them. In order to create this awareness, we organize activities for our children. In this regard, a serious infrastructure has been formed in Bursa. Last year, we organized the first Bursa photographers’ marathon with the theme “Historical bazaar and the region of inns and silk”. We have had good feedback. We organized the second marathon with the theme “Bursa Flavors and Bursa Food Festival”. We held the first Bursa Food Festival in the last week of October. For a gastronomic city, this festival should have started much earlier. But the second next year will certainly be more exciting. Our festival, attended by tens of thousands of Bursa residents, left unforgettable tastes in the palate and pleasant moments in the memories.

Explaining that the recorded flavors of Bursa, the city where the Ottoman palace cuisine was born, were presented at the “Silky Tastes Food Festival, which lasted 3 days”, Mayor Aktaş said: “We prepared the marathon photographers from Bursa with the theme of gastronomy. as part of the festival. I would like to thank BUFSAD, TFSF and those who contributed for their cooperation and support. I would like to express my gratitude to those who participated in our competition, they deserve to receive a prize. kazanI congratulate our candidates at the moment,” he said.

BUFSAD President Serpil Savaş said they are working on a voluntary basis to make Bursa the capital of photography. Stating that they have always seen the support of Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş during this process, Savaş thanked Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who helped organize the Bursa Photographers’ Marathon, on behalf of his friends.

After the speeches; Photographs deemed worthy of display were presented to the residents of Bursa.


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