Audiovisual news roundup: products, projects and people in new places


New products

NovaStar announces new LED solution

Chinese LED display solution provider, NovaStar, recently unveiled its new professional LED solution. According to the company, the MX Series solution is brand new display control software. It integrates design, management, and monitoring into a single platform.

The MX series solution comes with two boosters for quality image display. Additionally, it features [email protected] 10bit 4:4:4 making it an ideal environment for virtual production. According to NovaStar, it also supports high frame rate of 240 Hz, frame multiplication, frame multiplexing and adaptive frame rate. This allows for smooth filming.

In addition, the solution contains a search tool. Thanks to this, cabinets and controllers can be located quickly. After receiving the command from the VMP software, the LED screen will accurately display the position of specific cabinets and controllers. This then makes the relevant adjustment much quicker and easier.

The solution can also be combined with the flagship MX series controller and the A10s Pro receiver card. This offers stunning image quality, precise color adjustment and an intuitive software experience. NovaStar recommends the solution for handling high-end applications such as fine-pitch LED installation, studio broadcast, touring, corporate events, virtual production, and esports.

Watch the YouTube video of the new solution below:

Audiovisual projects

Meyer Sound LINA line arrays anchor Dolby Atmos systems in Italian cinema

The new Italian cinemas ARCADIA Stezzano recently equipped two high-end large format auditoriums with Meyer Sound LINA line array loudspeakers. The speakers serve as screen channels for the immersive Dolby Atmos audio format. Meyer Sound, based in Berkeley, California, is of course an integrated solution provider for sound reinforcement, spatial sound and acoustic systems.

The project

The five screen channels are each composed of six-element LINA arrays. These networks anchor the sound imagery on the front end. Plus, 60 self-powered Meyer Sound speakers envelop the audience in powerful, dynamic and detailed cinematic sound.

According to a statement, the two Meyer Sound-equipped Dolby Atmos “Energia” auditoriums are the main attractions of the new seven-screen multiplex. The multiplex is located in the new Le Due Torri shopping complex, just outside the city of Bergamo in northern Italy. Moreover, it is Piero Fumagalli’s latest investment in state-of-the-art film technology. Fumagalli is considered a pioneer in the development of technologically advanced multiplex cinemas in southern Europe.

“The new ARCADIA Stezzano continues our commitment to excellence by offering the best cinematic projection and sound technology available,” adds Fumagalli. “Based on our experience of over 40 years in the exhibition industry, we believe Meyer Sound is the absolute best choice for audio systems.” He also says the clarity, accuracy and precision of Meyer Sound systems help him stand out from his competitors.

Additional facilities

In addition to the 30 very compact LINA line array loudspeakers, the Meyer Sound systems of the two premium Energia halls also incorporate two 750-LFC low-frequency monitor elements per screen channel array, 10 1100-LFC elements, four X800-LFC cinema subwoofers C for LFE and bass management, it also features immersive side and overhead systems with 32 HMS-12 and eight HMS-15 surround speakers.

Additionally, a smaller auditorium features three Acheron screen channel speakers and two X-800C cinema subwoofers.

Audio systems are provided by Meyer Sound’s Italian distributor, MAC Sound. Meanwhile, Sangalli Tecnologie Srl, based in Brusaporto, under the supervision of Giancarlo Terzi, took care of the installation.

“Our Energia Premium Large Format Auditoriums are backed by our ongoing collaboration with leading companies recognized around the world, such as Meyer Sound, Dolby and Christie,” Fumagalli continues. He also points out that the state-of-the-art picture and sound guarantee a definitive experience for the audience. According to Fumagalli, the experience “conveys all the unforgettable emotions and images created by the world’s greatest filmmakers”.

ARCADIA Stezzano’s seven auditoriums are equipped with Christie 4K laser projectors, Harkness screens and custom Cinearredo recliners made in Italy. Cinema adds that the content programming appeals to a wide variety of tastes. It presents premieres of Italian and international films balanced with the great classics of cinema from the past. ARCADIA Cinemas now operates at four locations in northern Italy.

people and places

AtlasIED expands its European presence with a new warehouse in Belgium

Atlas IED Logo AtlasIED has announced the addition of a fully stocked warehouse in Belgium. AtlasIED’s portfolio of new EN54-24 certified solutions, along with other European products, can be shipped directly from the new warehouse to system integrators throughout Europe. Its central location minimizes shipping hassles and delays. Thus, it enables system integrators to streamline workflow and complete projects on time, despite a global supply chain shortage.

“The launch of a new warehouse in Belgium aligns perfectly with global initiatives aimed at expanding into new overseas markets and simplifying integrators’ access to a full range of versatile and technologically advanced audio and communication solutions. of AtlasIED,” said Dean Standing, Director of International Sales. at AtlasIED. “Products are in stock and ready to ship, giving European integrators one more reason to partner with us.”

According to the company, the launch of the warehouse strengthens its position in the deployment of commercial audio, communication and life safety systems in Europe and around the world. From the AtlasIED range of products that are in stock and ready to ship, to the continuous technological advancements featured throughout the range, European integrators have a resource for business development and growth.

AtlasIED, based in Ennis, Texas, is a global electronics manufacturer providing complete audio, communications and security solutions for commercial markets.

Digital Labor Solutions Appoints Boston-based Jay Kowalsky as Managing Director

Portrait of Jay KowalskyDigital Labor Solutions (DLS), based in Deer Park, New York, has tapped General Manager of Broadcasting Jay Kowalsky to manage its New England expansion. DLS is of course a provider of professional installation, rackmounting, staging, configuration, commissioning, drawing and logistics resources for the low voltage, safety and electrical trades. ‘audio-visual.

According to a statement, Kowalsky has been a veteran of the audiovisual industry for more than 20 years. He has held several different roles ranging from installer, technician and project manager to operations manager. DLS adds that Kowalsky’s knowledge and depth of understanding of integrator values ​​will help support integrator nuances during projects. Additionally, translating those nuances into opportunities will be paramount to his success in the New England region.

A strategic appointment

Tim Hennen, CEO of DLS, comments, “Engaging Jay Kowalsky is a strategic investment to expand our responsible deployment mission to partners outside of the tri-state area and in the New England market. He also states that Kowalsky’s values ​​align with those of the company.

Kowalsky adds, “Most integrators have already realized the advantages of variable labor over fixed labor and the direct impact it can have on overall profitability. What was missing was a resource that could create value beyond installation. I think the future will bring more outsourcing model and it will expand beyond the “boots on the ground” approach. It also highlights how the company’s unique capabilities will help integrators focus on building solutions for customers. In turn, this will give them more market share opportunities in a very crowded market.

Kowalsky continues, “As I got to know them, I quickly realized that DLS operated on a different level than typical labor providers…the team created a mechanism to deliver value exponential to the integrator and their end users beyond typical labor providers.. I look forward to extending this value to our partners.


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