Arab News & Misk Foundation Conclude 3rd Cohort of Journalism Internships


RIYADH: Arab News, the leading English-language daily in the Middle East, and the Misk Foundation, a non-profit organization that enables Saudi youth to bring to life an intensive three-week internship program, have teamed up to offer a unique hands-on training and mentorship program for young Saudi graduates pursuing journalism.

“It has been a pleasure to host some of the most promising media professionals in the Kingdom and to work closely with the Misk Foundation on this important partnership and training program,” said Faisal J. Abbas, Editor-in-Chief of ‘Arab News.

Eight interns have been shortlisted by Arab News editors for the journalism internship program through the foundation.

“Misk Skills is thrilled to partner with Arab News to bring Saudi youth a great time of change, challenge and excitement,” said Ghadeer Hamati, consultant at the Misk Foundation.

Faisal J. Abbas, editor-in-chief of Arab News, with interns at Arab News headquarters in Riyadh. (Photo/Abdulrahman Shalhoub)

Hanin Alblwi, an intern enrolled in the program and a law graduate, highlighted her experience: “This internship paved the way for me to understand the journalism industry and how it works. I really like to write and I want to be a freelance writer.


Participants were personally coached by Arab News’ team of experienced, award-winning editors and department heads from Arab News’ headquarters in Riyadh and its offices in Dubai, London, France and Pakistan.

She shared during the first week that she didn’t know how to create a story from a news idea. She explained how amazed she was at how easily she was able to compete for a story during the second week of the program.

“The next week I just wrote the short story easily, when you know the principles you can easily pick it up and apply it,” she explained.

“I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to become a journalist,” she said.

Participants were personally coached by Arab News’ team of experienced, award-winning editors and department heads from Arab News’ headquarters in Riyadh and its offices in Dubai, London, France and Pakistan.

“This internship was a great opportunity for an aspiring writer to learn more about this growing field. My experience with Arab News has allowed me to learn journalism from very passionate Arab journalists and leaders. News,” said Amal Alshehry, an intern and an English language MA graduate.

The interns were also able to sit down with the editor of Arab News to gain insight into the world of journalism.

“Meeting the editor-in-chief was a life lesson for me. He inspired us to work and succeed in journalism, and to find passion in whatever we choose to do in life,” Alshehry said.

“I encourage new graduates to join this internship because the community here is amazing. I learned a lot from other colleagues and instructors,” said Thekra Altamimi, another intern.

Registered interns also went out into the field and conducted interviews with attendees of the JAX Art Festival in Riyadh while being guided by some of the paper’s most senior journalists.

“Without exaggeration, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I enjoyed interviewing people and experiencing it all as a journalist,” Altamimi said.

The partnership was initially entered into in 2019 with the first batch of students entering the training program. The program was suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic, but resumed in 2021 through a virtual internship program. This year’s installment, the third cohort, was made in a hybrid format.

Interns learned the methods of covering a wide range of regional and global issue topics from some of Arab News’ most experienced correspondents in business, lifestyle, politics, corporate affairs, and business. local and regional information.

“I learned the basics and elements of journalism, communication, teamwork and how to write about the daily things of our life but to see them from a different angle,” said Mohammed Almarri, an intern.

Students gained a better understanding of the basics of news writing, editing, media ethics, fact-checking, and ways to build their reporting skills through the power of observation and new story structures.

“I studied journalism and it is my passion. I love to write and I’m so happy to be part of this program. I hope to pursue a career in journalism, it has always been my dream job,” said Alya Allam, an intern from the program.

The internship lasted three weeks through a hybrid teaching program of in-person and online classes. The internship began on July 17 and continued until August 7 at Arab News headquarters in Riyadh.


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