Apparently 86% of freelancers have taken advantage of web3 related services


Along with artists, gamers, and content creators, independents are also reaping the rewards of joining the Web3 revolution. Impressively, 86% of freelancers said they profited from selling some kind of NFT and metaverse services. So, in a short time, this segment has proven that technology goes beyond collection and can even change the employment landscape.

Freelancers also benefit from the economic spin-offs linked to the rise of Web3 projects! 1 credit

Why freelancers love the Web3 space

Fiverr has partnered with Censuwide to survey over 1,000 US-based freelancers and get their thoughts on how they’re benefiting from the rise of NFT and other Web3 applications. Let’s break down the 86% who said they were already enjoying the monetary benefits of delivering Web3 services. 64% of freelancers surveyed claim to have already profited from the sale of NFT-related services. Meanwhile, 48% profited from the sale of Metaverse-related services.

It looks like we’ll see continued growth in this segment, as 83% of respondents said they plan to adapt their current offerings based on the growth they’ve seen in the space. Additionally, the segment also believes that focusing on NFT and Metaverse related services has huge earning potential. 54% said they could see themselves earning an additional $2,600-$5,200 per month by monetizing their Web3 skills.

Despite generally bullish sentiments among freelancers about Web3-related services, the segment is well-informed about some of Web3’s challenges. For example, 54% are concerned about privacy and cyber threats, while 9% are concerned about regulation or lack thereof. Another 28% fear the lack of in-person connection that comes with Web3. Next, 37% believe there is a lack of knowledge and insight around this space.

About demographics

Let’s find out more about the profile of freelancers driving the growth of Web3-related services.

According to the survey, men are more confident about the potential for higher earnings. 40% said they could earn around $2,600 to $3,900 more per month from NFT and Metaverse related services. By contrast, only 28% of self-employed women believe they can add that much to their monthly income.

Despite the greater confidence of men, women earn more than men when it comes to Metaverse services. 61% of freelance women say they have earned from selling Metaverse-related services, compared to just 45% of freelance men.

Age Range of Freelancers in the Web3 Space
Both younger and older generations are actively offering NFT and metaverse services. 1 credit

Obviously, the younger age group is leading the charge. However, not by a large margin. 70% of respondents aged 45-54 claim to have taken advantage of the metaverse, while only 39% of respondents aged 25-34 have done so. On the other hand, 70% of respondents aged 25-34 took advantage of NFTs compared to 52% of respondents aged 45-54.

What is the main conclusion of this survey? NFTs, especially prime collectibles, come at a high price. For example, you would need a minimum of 11 ETH or almost $30,000 to buy a Doodles NFT. So, if you want to get involved in the space without breaking the bank, you can consider boosting your skills with Web3 related services.

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