Another Record Year – Northwest Asian Weekly Receives 27 Journalism Awards


NWAW Winners Connected During Zoom Call Before WNPA Awards Ceremony

Northwest Asian Weekly (NWAW) reporters and staff won 27 awards in the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association’s 2021 annual Better Newspaper Association (WNPA) competition. The winners were announced at a virtual awards ceremony on October 8.

“It was exciting to watch all evening. There were so many awards that we received, I wasn’t able to keep track of the total number, ”said Assunta Ng, editor of NWAW.

The first place winners were Janice Nesamani in the History of Education category; Andrew Hamlin in the Art reviews and General feature (long) categories; Nina Huang in the Personality Profile category (short); and Assunta Ng for a Business reportage.

The competition, held annually for Washington State non-daily newspapers to compete in various categories of writing, photography, editorial content, advertising and design, covered works published between April 2020 and March 2021. NWAW competed with other newspapers with a circulation of between 3,400 and 9,499. However, NWAW won seven awards in categories spanning broadcast groups of all sizes:

News Editor of the Year
– Janice Nesamani, 2nd

Writer of the year
– Andrew Hamlin, 3rd

Sports Writer of the Year
– Jason Cruz, 3rd

Thematic column
– Jason Cruz, Layup Drill, 3rd

Humorous column
– Stacy Nguyen, APop !, 3rd

Full coverage, multiple editors
– Jason Cruz and Assunta Ng (crimes and attacks of anti-Asian prejudice), 3rd

Feature page design category
– Han Bui, 3rd

Nguyen also took third place in the Home Page Design category and Becky Chan took third place in the Color Pictorial Photo category.

Ng said, “The awards reflect the spirit, hard work and dedication of our writers to cover the Asian community and BIPOC communities in general. Through Covid, it is never easy for us journalists to do our job, but our writers do it every time. I am so proud of them and our editorial staff. It is a team effort.

Other wins include:

Advertising, Community Service
– Han Bui, Assunta Ng, John Liu, George Liu and Ruth Bayang, 3rd

Newspaper house ad
– Han Bui, Assunta Ng, John Liu and George Liu, 3rd

Health / Medicine
– Mahlon Meyer (History of caregiver vaccine), 3rd

– Becky Chan (Clean Fuel), 2nd

Business news story
– Mahlon Meyer (Companies dismissed by CHOP), 2nd

History of social problems
– Mahlon Meyer (elder abuse), 2nd

Election story
– Jason Cruz (Washingtonians write postcards to Georgia), 2nd
– Kai Curry (Marilyn Strickland), 3rd

Art reviews
– Stacy Nguyen (Bill & Ted Face the Music), 2nd

Corporate feature article
– Riz Reyes (Supporting local flower farms), 3rd

History / artistic function
– Andrew Hamlin (Simon Tam), 2nd

Sports report
– Jason Cruz (Kaname Yonamine Asian Hall of Fame), 2nd

Personality profile, long
– Mahlon Meyer (Taky Kimura), 2nd

The WNPA represents approximately 89 Washington State community newspapers.

This year’s competition was judged by the Kentucky Press Association. Fifty-one newspapers across Washington participated.


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