Alta Journal Wins 7 SoCal Journalism Awards


The Los Angeles Press Club held its 64th Annual SoCal Journalism Awards Dinner at the Sheraton Universal Hotel on Saturday night and awarded Alta Journal seven first prizes, 10 finalists and three third places.

Winners included:

Adam Fisher for “The Mushroom Man’s Magic” in the Feature Film Writing category. Judges’ comment: “Who knew mushrooms could be worth millions? This fun and well-written story is filled with entertaining and magical details.

John Freeman for his book reviews, including “Mean Is a Convention-Defying, Hilarious, Serious, and Talkative Memoir.” Judges’ Comment: “Not only does this review set expectations for Myriam Gurba’s ‘Mean’, it also showcases the writing style in a unique way. This review did not require the reader to have prior knowledge of the author or subject of the book. But the reader walks away with all the information they need to decide whether to read ‘Mean’ or not.

“A Horrible Death to Die” by Julia Flynn Siler for crime reporting. Judges’ Comment: “Julia Flynn Siler focused on an often overlooked, and sometimes whitewashed, event in history. She told the story of a posthumous investigation by painting a picture of the often unrecognized life and personality at the center of her story. What was accomplished was an empathetic look at a woman whose leadership was ignored and whose death was ignored.

“Bird Watching Goes Both Ways” by Jason G. Goldman for Science Reporting. Judges’ comment: “A fascinating story that works on many levels. ‘It’s more coexistence than conservation’” sums up the central theme well. After reading it several times, new things came up. Well done.”

High Creative Director John Goecke for Best Issue Design with “A Year Like No Other”, Winter 2021, Issue 14. Judges’ comment: “It was really hard to decide which issue of the High Newspaper to which to give the first place. Every page was full of amazing articles, photos, illustrations and layouts that would have the audience gasping with delight.

Goecke’s work on “Special Insert: Book of Jim Harrison’s Last Poems” for page design. Judges’ Comment: “John Goecke’s careful balance of text and imagery brings together elements from multiple sources – narrated narrative, photos, illustrations and Jim Harrison’s indelible poetry – and creates a cohesive design that commands attention in a appropriate rather than drawing attention to itself.”

Artwork by Mark Smith accompanying “The Search of a Lifetime” for illustration. Judges’ Comment: “This category was full of amazing artwork. This one stood out for the way each image tells a story. The scenes are presented in a visually unique way that is full of intrigue and foreboding.

Numerous High nominees received acknowledgments from the judges, including John Markoff’s “The Butterfly Effect”, David L. Ulin for book review, Lydia Lee for art, architecture and design review, “California’s Farms: Drought, Depression, and Suicide” by Dean Kuipers, “Why I Write: Being Great” by Héctor Tobar, “The Accident on the Pacific Coast Trail” by Louise Farr, photographer Penni Gladstone for images accompanying “The Mushroom Man’s Magic”, artist Chris Sickels and Red Nose Studios for “The Next West”. , issue 15,” and graphic designers Matt Twombly and Michael Schwab for “A Guide + Map to California.”

Third-place winners include Carla Blank’s “The Resurrection of Sister Aimee,” Joy Lanzendorfer’s “Flight of the Condors,” and artist James Ransome for accompanying art “Biddy Mason and Hannah Embers Were Here.”

Speaking about the SoCal award winners — as well as the 39 nominations the magazine received —HighEditor Blaise Zerega said, “We are so thrilled that the judges have chosen to recognize the writing, design and artwork produced by our talented contributors. It is truly an honor to have their work included in the tremendous journalism celebrated by the LA Press Club,” said Zerega. “Congratulations to all the winners!”

The full list of winners is available on the LAPC• website

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