Alta Journal nominated for 17 2021 A&E Journalism Awards


Alta Journal is honored to be among the finalists of the 14th Annual National A&E Journalism Awards of the Los Angeles Press Club.

These awards recognize the best arts and entertainment reporting in 2021, and High has been nominated 17 times, in categories ranging from profiles to reviews, from photography to illustration, from design to cover art.

We are proud of our contributors and staff for this recognition and wish them well as they compete against some of California’s best and most respected publications, writers and artists working in media. The winners will be announced on February 5, 2022. (The full list of LAPC nominees is available here.)

Our appointments are as follows:

  • Books: John Freeman.
  • Featured photo: Jason Henry, for the photographs accompanying the “The thrill is gone.”
  • Illustration: Mark Smith, for his work accompanying Judith Freeman “The Port of Missing Women» and that of Julian Smith «The search for a life”; Victor Juhasz, for his work in “Read and write California.”
  • Layout: John Goecke, for Highit is Black special section and “The search for a life.”
  • Cover: John Goecke and Chris Sickels/Red Nose Studio, for the next west.
  • Personality Profile, Film Industry: Tim Greiving, for his take on Pinar Toprak, “The Billionaire Composer.”
  • Personality Profile, Television and Other Arts: Lynell George, for her take on Chuck Taggart, “Play a sweet mix of okra.”
  • Personality Profile, Visual Arts/Architecture: Jessica Zack, for her article on Andrea Zittel, “This must be the place.”
  • Artistic Reporting: Elaine Lee, for her story on the Threshold Choir, “songs for the dying.”
  • Commentary/Analysis/Trends on cinema: Peter Rainer, for “A film critic takes the lead.”
  • Analysis/trend on other arts: Carla Blank, for “The Resurrection of Sister Aimée”; Denise Hamilton, for “Death becomes their.”
  • Diversity/Gender Commentary: Keenan Norris, for “a coyote”; Sydney Love, for “California’s white wine problem.”

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