A Showcase of Journalism at Crosscut Festival 2022


The festival is also about journalism. You don’t get the ideas without asking the questions, after all. And in the four times we’ve hosted this event since 2018, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing dozens of talented journalists ask the kind of in-depth, inventive, and deeply informed questions that elicit remarkable answers.

Seeing a reporter groomed at the helm of a live conversation is a thing of beauty, a kind of high-flying act that, when done masterfully, can look like a work of art. Nationally-known reporters from outlets such as The New York Times, National Review and Slate had these kinds of conversations at the festival, as did reporters from our region and those in our own newsroom who moderate the many panels that fill the festival week.

I have an intimate view of what happens in a successful festival interview. As editor here, I help identify the journalists we bring to the festival, and I work with events director Jake Newman on the incredibly difficult, but crucial, task of pairing them with the right guest. I help some of the Crosscut journalists taking the virtual stage with their research and edit scripts. (And I listen to each of the interviews as I produce them for later posting on the Crosscut Talks podcast). Yet even with my hands deep in sausage making, I encounter unexpected surprises and revelations. It’s real-time journalism, and that’s what makes the festival my favorite week of the year.


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