85% of freelancers want to work for clients who share their values, new global report reveals


Surveying over 10,000 independent designers from 144 countries, 99designs by Vista launched a report revealing that designers value purpose over profit; 40% said they turned down a job this year because of a client’s stance on a social issue they care about. With its slogan “creativity with a conscience”, the report, titled Design Sans Frontières 2022: A new look at freelancing spotlights the dozens of creatives who are rethinking their place within traditional agency structures and aligning their work with the causes they believe in.

One of the most in-depth surveys of its kind to date, the report tells us that 97% of the 10,000 creatives who took part believed they had the power to make a “real social impact.” Continuing this momentum, 85% of freelancers want to work for clients who share their values ​​and almost a third confirmed that they also work with a social justice organisation.

Taking into account post-pandemic attitudes within brands and agencies and their willingness to hire freelancers, the report found that 68% are more willing to work with freelance talent than before the pandemic. However, it would seem that this statistic is not just a symptom of an increase in benevolence towards freelancers in the industry. With an “exodus” of designers (30%) having chosen to leave their agency jobs in the last 12 months, it seems that large organizations are going to have to adapt to new models, whether they like it or not. Almost a third have already quit, 30% have considered leaving in the last year and only 15% want to work at an agency in the next five years.


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