8 Places Photographers Can Find Inspiration Online


As photographers, we all go through these incredible spells where everything we touch – or point our camera at – turns to gold. But on the other hand, we’ve all been through those dark times when we struggle for inspiration and fear we’ve lost our magic touch.

Sometimes your best source of inspiration is consuming content that motivates you to get up and go. Thanks to the Internet, you will find several places to do this. This article describes eight places where you can rekindle your creative spark.


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YouTube has become a great resource for photographers, and you’ll find several inspiring channels to help you get back to taking pictures. The platform has creators in almost every photography niche you can think of, and their content ranges from tutorials to vlogs and everything in between.

You can use one of many methods to search for photography inspiration on YouTube. If you haven’t improved your skills in a while, for example, look for practical content for a new style of shooting or to help with the post-production process.

Even if you can’t travel long distances, you might find that photography vlogs inspire you to grab your gear and visit somewhere new in your area. As an alternative, why not try creating your own YouTube channel? Besides being an enjoyable hobby, you might inspire others later.



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Hundreds of millions of people use Pinterest every month, and seeking inspiration from others is one of the platforms’ main draws. You will find content for several niches on Pinterest; the articles and videos you click on are often as inspiring as the visuals you see on the boards and pins themselves.

Pinterest is a great place to look for photography-specific inspiration, like how-to articles from other designers. If you’re traveling somewhere soon, you can also use the tool to find photos that others have taken, while simultaneously researching quirky cafes and restaurants.

You don’t need to pay to create a Pinterest account. If you have a creative business, you might want to consider using the platform as an additional source of traffic to your website.



Adobe created Behance specifically for creators; as you might guess, it’s a great place to find inspiration if you’re a photographer.

Behance offers fairly comprehensive tools for finding ideas as a photographer. You can narrow down the search options to focus specifically on photos, which is handy given that graphic designers and other creatives also use the platform.

When using Behance, you can also find content created with specific Adobe tools, such as Lightroom. Click on the Discover tab and select Lightroom.

You can use Behance for free if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. If you want to inspire others, you can use the tool to create your own website or portfolio.


You might find Instagram a toxic place that makes you feel miserable if you abuse the platform. But you can make your experience positive, and while the network is focusing more on video content than before, you’ll still find plenty of inspiration for your photography if you know where to look.

To find photography inspiration on Instagram, you should strive to only follow accounts that inspire and motivate you. Before adding new users to your feed, go through your current follow list and unfollow any accounts that are making your experience on the platform worse. If you’re not into unnecessary drama, muted stories and posts are also options.

Once you’ve reviewed your current list, look for designers you admire elsewhere. If you like what they post on Instagram, hit that follow button. You should also consider searching for accounts that inspire you rather than scrolling through your home feed and using the Explore page, as both can easily distract you.


Flickr may not have the same level of influence as it once did, but the platform is still a powerful tool for photographers. You can find millions of groups on Flickr, in addition to a huge pool of photos.

If you don’t have an account, you can still use Flickr to find images that might inspire you. The engine allows you to find many photos without needing to log in, as well as accounts and groups, although you must create an account to follow or join.

You can create a Flickr account and use the platform for free. If you want to get the most out of Flickr, you can upgrade to PRO for $8.25 per month (monthly plan) or $71.99 per year (yearly subscription). The prices of the two subscriptions are exclusive of tax.

6. Twitter


If you were active in photography in 2021, you would have noticed many photographers spending more time on Twitter, either to supplement Instagram or to replace their accounts. You should consider joining them as Twitter is a great place to find inspiration for your creative pursuits.

Twitter is very photo friendly, and you can upload higher resolution images without having to worry as much about compression (although file size limits may limit you). You can also connect with your favorite creators and find talented new photographers to build relationships with.

Try to use your Twitter account for photographic purposes only. The platform can get quite toxic, especially with politics. If you want to avoid falling down a rabbit hole of negative news and arguments, consider hiding your trending topics.



500px is arguably the best place to find inspiration. Unlike Behance, it only focuses on photography; more than 15 million photographers use the platform.

On 500px you can find images and creators that will inspire you without creating an account. You can use the Discover drop-down menu to see new uploads, in addition to images the publisher has chosen to feature. You may also see images that other users find popular.

If you sign up for a 500px account, you can become a more active member of the community and find inspiration without much effort. Beyond the free tier, you can purchase an Awesome subscription for $6.49 per month or Pro for $12.99 (monthly subscription). Annual plans reduce monthly fees to $4.99 and $9.99 per month, respectively.

8. Podcasts

So far, the platforms we have mentioned in this article mainly focus on visual content. Sometimes stepping away from images altogether can give you new sources of creative inspiration. podcasts can help rekindle that missing spark.

Whether you use Spotify or Apple Music, you’ll find hundreds of podcasts to help you become a better photographer and enhance your creativity. To get started, find the shows you love in the following categories:

  • Photography
  • Creative entrepreneurship
  • Interviews with inspiring people

Boost your creativity

Photography is one of the most rewarding hobbies or careers, but sometimes we can lack inspiration as creators. Luckily, you’ll find plenty of places to rekindle your flame online; our article only scratched the surface.

If you still feel uninspired after trying the solutions in this guide, try stepping away for a while. You’ll come back refreshed and ready to produce fantastic work once again.

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