6 Ukrainian photographers you will fall in love with


As it’s Women’s History Month, we’ll be bringing up some of our favorite female photographers. We’ll be doing this throughout the month with different pieces, and for this particular post, we’re sharing our favorite female photographers from Ukraine. We’ve featured plenty over the past decade, so choosing the best hasn’t been an easy task. However, we got there, and here are six of the best female photographers in Ukraine according to The Phoblographer.

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Marta Syrko is one of our favorite female photographers

Marta Syrko is a Ukrainian photographer passionate about portraits. We love how she uses light and shadow as key elements in her portraiture. Combining them with professional models and trending fashion, Syrko has developed a style she can call her own. Her work offers something different and can certainly be used as creative inspiration for anyone who wants to try something new. Looked here.

Anastasiya Egonyan is one of our favorite photographers

Anastasiya Egonyan is another portrait photographer who first appeared on the site in 2016. She shoots stylish boudoir photography that offers a soft, gentle perspective on the genre. She also makes movies, which readers know we love! On why she is touring, Egonyan told us, “I like playing from the very beginning until I get the scans from the lab. It’s a drug, simple as that. This is certainly the kind of drug use that we support The Phoblographer. See his work here (NSFW).

Diana Dihaze is one of our favorite female photographers

Diana Dihaze creates mind-blowing digital art that uses photography as the foundation for her designs. She’s a self-taught artist who clearly has a penchant for the darker side of the creative world. There’s gore, horror, weirdness and fantasy in his portrait work, and frankly, we love it. If you like being scared and want to see something refreshing, then Dihaze’s work is definitely for you. Looked here.

Sasha O is one of our favorite photographers

Eight years ago, Sasha O embarked on a 365 project. Her subject was herself. On why she chose to do self-portraits, O told us, “I’m always available for myself, so I started doing self-portraits. It’s also easier to express in pictures what you want and you don’t have to explain it to the models. It was far from your standard self-portraits. From props to movement, each image told its own story and encouraged its own questions. Great job and you can see more here.

Polina Karpova is an awesome photographer

Obviously, portrait photography is popular in Ukraine, as Polina Karpova is another portrait photographer in this roundup. Her work is more conceptual, as she imprints her ideas from left field onto her camera sensor. The image above is from a series taken at the Zakarpattya Hotel in the city of Uzhhorod in Ukraine. It’s like a trip to watch the work, as if you get lost in the conceptual world of Karpova. On the series, Karpova wrote:

“In this case, I turned to the flashy LED panel aesthetic of the Zakarpattya Hotel playrooms. In my series, the model is a living hotel ghost. He roams the hallways and rooms and is looking for particularly desperate guests who want an “easy” escape from reality, when in reality you are incredibly close to Europe.

See more of his work here.

Lena Pogrebnaya shoots a portrait of Kodak

Ukrainian photographer Lena Pogrebnaya photographed with Kodak Portra 400 for this editorial series above. The roller has allowed him to create portraits that offer a pastel look and flattering skin tones. The concept itself is well done and we like the diversity of poses, which offer depth to this story. The generous splash of flash is icing on a cake we already can’t stop eating. Discover more of the series here.

Show us more Ukrainian female photographers

Right now we want to elevate Ukrainian photographers as much as possible. If this describes you, or if you know someone local, let us know in the comments below. Alternatively, you can use the contact form below to submit your work.

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Who was your favorite photographer from the selection above? Drop a comment. Thanks for reading.

the awesome main photo is by Marta Syrko. All images used with permission.


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