3PL GoBolt expands to the United States


A Canadian third-party logistics company that recently expanded into the United States has big goals to improve the U.S. supply chain and do it sustainably by reaching 12.75 million homes with electric vehicles.

The company will ship the product just in time to ensure that it reaches the customer in a time frame that meets their expectations. What it looks like is that a sofa stored in Houston is placed the minute the order is received from a buyer living in New York, who then receives real-time tracking throughout the shipment and can select a delivery date and time that suits him.

That’s the goal of GoBolt, a Toronto-based tech-enabled fulfillment and logistics company that made its first foray into the United States with headquarters in New Jersey. The company is also operational in Los Angeles, while working on opening operations in Houston and Miami with Dallas, Austin and Atlanta to follow.

Mark Ang, co-founder and CEO of GoBolt, said the goal is to eventually be in every major city in every US state.

“It gets bigger and better exponentially if we have more nodes in the network enlightened, because what we see is that we do such a good job in the markets that we serve that our traders want us in all the other marketplaces they are,” Ang said. “It’s about… which marketplace makes the most sense for our merchants, their buyer, and for GoBolt. background, but the network improves exponentially as you add more nodes to it, as these nodes activate as available last-mile hubs, to which you can connect other distribution centers. This is how we believe the network improves over time, and it’s a network we want to leverage in the first place so that the level of quality is maintained.

GoBolt already supports US and international brands with its services in Canada, and Ang said the expansion is a response to those brands’ call for the company to replicate its model in the US. GoBolt’s American network was based on the necessary services of these brands. , but there is additional growth opportunity in the market, he said, as there are many single point models in the United States that offer warehousing, fulfillment, freight, delivery of the last kilometer and more, but not as many who provide all of these services under one company.

Popular retailer American Eagle bought third-party logistics company Quiet Logistics and delivery startup AirTerra last year as part of its aim to transform its supply chain, saying a reliable and cohesive distribution network in the market is vital in today’s market. Ang said these deals reveal just how broken America’s processing space and supply chain are as companies are unable to find a reliable, quality 3PL partner to meet their needs.

“That’s why we’re so obsessed with getting everything done in the first place, because only then do we feel like we can make bold commitments to our merchants and their buyers and keep them,” Ang said. “That’s why our software is built in-house; that’s why our warehouse associates are fully benefited and employed; that’s why our drivers fully benefit from and are employed by GoBolt from top to bottom.

GoBolt provides warehousing, pick-and-pack, shipping and last-mile delivery without outsourcing, and it does so with 3- and 5-ton electric Sprinters. The company works with shipping partners such as USPS, Freightcom, DHL, Swyft, Canpar, UPS, FedEx and Canada Post and e-commerce partners such as Shopify, Fulfil.io, WooCommerce and Shipstation, according to its website.

Ang said the company operates as an extension of its merchants as part of their internal teams, when many 3PLs in the US are preoccupied with their bottom line and how to maximize profitability.

“Logistics has always been of paramount importance to our customer experience. GoBolt has been able to take the level of service we need and make it more streamlined into a single ecosystem for the markets we engage in together. “, Art Lee, CEO of furniture company Rove Concepts, said in a press release: “Having the company expand its fleet of electric vehicles and expand into the United States is exciting for us because it gives us allows them to use their network even more and allows our teams to focus even more on the design. and offer the best collections of products to our customers.”

GoBolt boasts one of the largest electric fleets in Canada and plans to maintain that reputation with its expansion as a North American supplier.

Ang said the company has placed an order for 170 electric vehicles – 70 Transit vans and 100 3- and 5-ton trucks – for the US market. The company invests in charging infrastructure at each of its locations because the current infrastructure in the United States is minimal, and until the company expands to reach every state, Ang said she will buy carbon offsets and credits to ensure it maintains emissions neutrality.

“We really hope that the industry will see that this is a viable solution and can start to follow suit, because the goal is to provide a more sustainable logistics system, not just the one we exclusively provide,” Ang said. “As a modern brand and a modern delivery partner, the idea of ​​us becoming a bigger emitter of carbon emissions as we grow and hopefully become successful just didn’t feel right to me.”

And he added that it improves brand affinity with shoppers – 80% of whom consider the environmental impact of a purchase – and removes fuel surcharges for merchants.

“The goal is to expand the network so that there are more nodes in our proprietary network so that our merchants and their buyers can get their products delivered faster,” he said. “A secondary goal is…to make it fully electric by the end of 2023 for our core markets, and we want to continue doing that in the United States. We see that there is quite a shift among corporate brands to not only source and source their products sustainably, but to align with partners across the supply chain who can support a mission. sustainable.

GoBolt said the United States is the first of many expansions as they consider future expansion into the United Kingdom, Australia and other locations. The company raised US$92.3 million in Series B funding last year to support its growth.


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