16 productivity hacks and tools for entrepreneurs and freelancers


Have you ever felt like you weren’t at your best for your business? We’ve all been there, whether it’s lack of inspiration or stress and tension. Luckily, there are plenty of resources out there that can get you out of this creative downturn! Here are 16 productivity hacks and tools you can use as a small business owner or freelancer:

? Take (real) breaks
You heard the cliche- you need rest during work projects or you will burn out quickly. There’s some truth to that, and many find it to be one of the most important ways to stay sane as a business owner. Give your brain a break, without technology. You’ll probably know when it’s time to take a break. Listen to your body!

? Optimize your energy
Bouncing back from number 1, a must to ensure productivity is to maximize your energy. Research has shown that doing 90 minutes of work followed by a meaningful break can help you get more done, minus the huge headache. We know you’ve been there!

? Create a Routine
It’s no secret that a good routine can make or break your efficiency. As life unfolds, having a general plan of what you need to do can go a long way. There are plenty of apps out there that can help you with your routine, but you might find that the trusty Old Notes app goes a long way.

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? Decide between what is essential and what is pleasant to do
We get it, it’s more exciting and less difficult to do the fun stuff. However, finishing the hardest part first gives you a higher chance of completing it. The will fades over time. Don’t count on it to last forever!

Speaking of apps, did you know there are TONS resources that can help you stay organized? Staying focused on the task at hand can boost your creativity and productivity, making you happier overall. Here are some of the top performing apps:

? Trello
Trello is a remarkable app for process-based tasks and projects. Using a simple drag-and-drop method, you can easily keep track of your tasks while following team members. Trello prices vary, from a free version to the enterprise edition ($17.50 per month).

? Base camp
Basecamp is a powerful solution for enterprise-wide project management and communication. Some features include to-do lists, schedules, and message boards. You can choose between a free personal plan with limitations or a $99 business plan.

? Asana
Asana is a project management tool aimed at helping teams stay focused and meet deadlines. This tool lets you create boards, communicate with team members, and set goals. The basic version of Asana is free, while the premium version is $10.99 per month and the pro version is $24.99 per month. You will be billed for premiums and business annually. There are many other apps that can also be useful, including:

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? Soft
? Calendment
? Evernote
? Derivative
? Todoist
? air table
? fresh books
? Grammar
? Quickbooks

With so many options at your disposal, you can rest assured that there are ways to regain your productivity. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you now have some tools to explore on your journey to creative freedom!


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