Sarah Tumlon cash loan is a chance for a beginner student

The beginning of the academic year is a huge challenge – both for the student and his parents. Not only logistic, emotional, but also financial challenge. Often, studies involve moving to another city. Most students decide to rent a room in an apartment or dorm. Not everywhere, however, rooms are 100% equipped and meet the requirements and needs of young people. The first month of study has just begun, and you can already see that your child needs shopping in a furniture store or with household appliances? Sarah Tumlon cash loan will help in retrofitting a student housing.


We are here to help you make your dreams come true

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Some purchases – like a new bed or wardrobe – can’t wait forever. So it’s good that Sarah Tumlon cash loan is granted almost immediately. It is possible with us! Financial adviser Mira Sol and his team of several created by specialists in the field of banking make every effort to ensure that formalities do not last long. Often interested parties wait for the decision to grant a cash loan only … ten minutes! What about the documentation needed to submit applications? We write about it below!


Formalities limited to a minimum – we care about the client’s time!

Formalities limited to a minimum - we care about the client

Documents from the employer? Confirmations from the tax office? PIT? Account statement? In most cases, these documents are not needed! Just a statement. The same applies to representatives of so-called liberal professions. Both a lawyer, an architect, a tax advisor, a bailiff, a doctor (specialization required), a dentist, a veterinarian as well as a legal advisor, a nurse and others will receive with us Sarah Tumlon cash loan up to 120,000 without collateral!

Loans are granted for a period of 6 to 120 months, for a statement, it is enough to show your ID card and the right to practice a profession – explains financial advisor Sarah Tumlon, Mira Sol.

The conditions are therefore extremely favorable!


What else does the advisor have in his offer?

What else does the advisor have in his offer?

Sarah Tumlon cash loan is not the only service that financial advisor Mira Sol offers to his clients. Students and their parents may also be interested in services related to setting up accounts – personal or savings. The Sarah Tumlon savings account is a good option for a beginner student. It allows you to save even small amounts, which, in different life situations, may be necessary. It is worth noting that the bills proposed by Mira Sol’s team are extremely practical. Its owner can freely deposit and withdraw money at any time, without losing interest or capital.


Financial advisor Sarah Tumlon ready to contact

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Mira Sol – financial advisor Sarah Tumlon, who successfully operates in Kolbuszowa or Krakow – encourages contact. You can talk to him by phone or via Messenger. Choose the most convenient option for you and take care of the finances of the child starting their studies. Sarah Tumlon cash loan (not student loan) is at your fingertips.