How much does a car insurance cost in Denmark?

As with all other insurances, prices and coverage fluctuate. Therefore, it may be advantageous to contact different insurance companies to get an offer. Often, insurers will give a discount if you collect all your insurance policies in one place. The rule of thumb is that a liability insurance costs 50% of a hull insurance.

Several parameters apply to the price


Are you over or under 25, how long have you had a car and what brand of car should you have insured? This may seem unfair right away, but young people under 25 who have to insure their first car have to pay the most.

The reason is that it is this group that causes the most accidents on average, which is why the insurance companies have to make the most of it. In the past, insurers also distinguished between men and women, as it is precisely the young men who are responsible for the most accidents. However, it is no longer legal for the sake of equality.

If you are young and need to insure your first car, you hardly save less than USD 10,000 annually. In turn, your insurance declines every year. When you become an elite driver, the price drops significantly. When one is categorized as an elite motorist varies from insurance company to insurance company. You must be either a minimum of 25, 28 or 30 years and have been running non-injury for between 3 and 9 years depending on the insurance company.

The size and make of the car also affect the price

The size and make of the car also affect the price

A car with a big engine is more expensive than a car with a small engine. A car with a lot of options is more expensive to insure than the standard model. Some insurance companies also weight how much you drive annually.

The insurance will be more expensive if you drive 30,000 kilometers a year than if you only drive 5000 kilometers a year. Having more vehicles insured can have a positive impact on the price. However, some insurance companies have a maximum of how many cars you must have insured in a year.

Big price differences

Big price differences

The most expensive car insurance is almost twice as expensive as the cheapest. A couple in their 30s who are elite motorists can get a car insurance with Good Finance for around USD 6250. The same couple can get a car insurance with Goodbank for the net sum of approx. The example is assuming that the couple collects all their insurances in the same place.

With most insurance companies, the prices drop continuously if you do not report damage. Conversely, they increase if you are at fault. The deductible also fluctuates. As a rule, the cost of insurance is higher as the deductible must be lower – and vice versa.